Sunday, July 10, 2016

Trouble at Home

Began the morning with some very quick Blueberry Pancakes before rushing off to work. I began and ended the day gathering carts. It wasn't a bad day for it, sunny, warm, and a bit humid, but not to the degree of last week. Spent most of the morning doing returns and restocking rolls of register receipt tape. The coupons on the back of the old rolls had apparently ended. (I had no idea anyone even paid any attention to the random coupons on the back of the receipts. Evidently, there's a coupon for a car wash down the street on it that's very popular.) It was busy, though not quite to the degree it frequently is on Sundays.

The gears on my bike had been making a strange grinding noise for the past few days. It got louder as I arrived home. My neighbor Richard was outside when I got in. I turned the bike over to him to take a look at, then went upstairs.

Worked on my story for the next couple of hours. Jabba brings Han to his "palace" in a well-preserved royal shipwreck. His men toss him in the brig with his friend, the dogfish Chewbacca. Han can't talk - he gave his voice to Jabba for legs - but he can still try to flirt with the female guard. When that doesn't work, he gets the keys off her when she's distracted by Boba Fett, a bounty hunter with a shark's tail. Han does get Chewie out, but Fett catches him again. He punishes Han by forcing a foul-smelling potion into that will change his shape and put him fully in the evil sea slug's control.

After a really quick leftovers dinner, I tried to play Lego Star Wars again. I didn't get very far. There's one room where you're supposed to build a wall while fending off stormtroopers. You can close the blast doors to keep them out, but it doesn't last for very long. I spent a hour and a half getting more and more frustrated as I tried to keep stormtroopers off my tail and build at the same time. It got so late, I finally gave up on it. I'll try again tomorrow.

Things didn't go much better with my bike. Apparently, the ball bearings on the gears broke. Richard says he can take the ball bearings off my own bike, but he doesn't have the tools to do the job properly. I'll have to borrow his wife's bike for tomorrow...which is a gear bike. I hate those. I'm no good on them. I appreciate the offer, but it's going to be such a pain.

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