Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pool Party In the Rain

Began today with an early work shift. Did carts for about two and a half hours on and off. It wasn't quite as hot as it has been, but it was very, very humid. When I got tired of sweating, I did returns, tended to the women's bathroom, helped a lady in and electric cart outside, and got stuck in the registers for a little while. It had been cloudy all day. It spit briefly when I was outside in the morning, but it didn't amount to anything. I picked up sugar (which I forgot yesterday) and got home dry.

When I arrived, I worked on my fanfiction. Jabba, now a handsome merman who calls himself Lord Jasper, is doing his best to seduce Leia. His voice has hypnotic qualities, thanks to Han being a real merman. Coupled with a drugged drink, it's easily luring the princess into his arms. But help is on the way....

Unfortunately, when I went to turn off my computer, I found I couldn't. The Windows 10 shut-down button wouldn't work, no matter what I pushed. I had to shut it off manually. All the messing around made me much later than I'd planned for Dad-Bruce's birthday party. And of course, it finally started raining hard the moment I came out. I arrived very wet.

Everyone was just starting to eat when I arrived. Jodie cooked tons of food. She thought it was too hot to barbecue, so they made ordinary indoor banquet items - baked ziti, roasted potatoes, Chicken Marsala, asparagus cooked in garlic sauce, green beans, shrimp scampi, hot sausage with peppers, and meatballs. There were tiny tarts and eclairs from Desserts by Design in place of the usual cake. I had everything but the sausage (too spicy), green beans (the salad and asparagus was enough), and meatballs (I didn't realize they were even there until I was already too full). I took a ton home, too.

Jodie said it was just a small thing, but nothing is ever small in my family. I saw Jodie's parents, Rose and Khai, friends of the family and their children, and Jesse, Dana, and their dog Helio. Jessa, Joe, and Joe's kids came shortly before I left.

After I ate, I hit the pool with the kids and their moms. Wow. The water was so amazingly warm. Rose was right that it felt like bath water. I was in for over an hour and a half and finally only got out because it was getting late. It had started to rain again after we came out, but that was actually kind of fun. The rain felt nice on my face as I floated around the kids, watching one of the moms teach them how to dive.

When I finally got in, I hung everything up to dry, took a shower, and then went on the Wii to play Lego Indiana Jones. The last two rounds of Temple of Doom were far shorter and quite a bit easier than the preceding ones. The only problem I had with "Escaping the Mine" was the mine cart ride. You had to hit levers from red to green in order to complete the course. I couldn't do it fast enough! Every time I hit one, it would take me forever to find another, and the last one I did would blink out.

The last round was "Battle on the Bridge." Once you got to the bridge and figured out you have to cut the ropes on the bridge to get rid of Mola Ram, this one was a piece of cake.

Next time I play, I'll be beginning Last Crusade. If I finish this before vacation, I'll double back to Lego Indiana Jones 2 and see if I can get closer to 100% on that.

I had less luck on the computer. It opened in safe mode. It took me forever to figure out how to switch back to regular mode. At least the start bar is working now. If it's still giving me trouble after a week, I'm rolling back to 8.1.

Oh, and I got my schedule at work. Pretty much the same as last week, other than early hours on Sunday and Saturday off instead of Wednesday. Not that I have much planned. I'm broke and need to start cleaning and getting ready for my vacation.

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