Monday, July 18, 2016

Sudden Summer Storms

It was sunny, hot, and humid outside when I got up this morning. I ran more of the Scandinavian Rick Steves episodes during breakfast. As lovely as modern Oslo is, I enjoyed Rick's trip into the Norwegian countryside and the fjords even more. That's some truly amazing scenery right there.

Did the laundry around 11. I got there at the right time, too. Shortly after I put my load in, people came in and used every other available washer. It was probably just as well that I had a really small load, the smallest I've had in weeks. I was out of there in less than an hour.

When I got in, I put the laundry away, then worked on writing. (I also did some writing later this evening. Lauren takes a self-defense course on Mondays and Wednesdays that runs late.) I doubled back to Leia leaving the cave with the unstable rocks. She emerges in another shipwreck...but she recognizes this one. It was once the Twin Sunset, her brother Luke's vessel. Most of it has been stripped, but thanks to a trick with books and a moving bookshelf, she finds a beautiful sword, knife, and several instruments. She keeps the sword, knife, and a flute, hoping they'll be helpful to her later on.

I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich really quick for lunch, then rode off to work. Work was very busy, especially during rush hour. I got stuck in the register more than I would have liked. In fact, the manager sent me in for someone when I was about to go on my break, then forgot I was there until I finally saw the lines weren't as bad and finally just shut the register down. The manager also just had to send me out to do carts 20 minutes before my break, when it was obvious to anyone with eyes that there was a storm brewing. I got a rolling cart inside and pulled some up front before I hurried in for my break (that I wasn't going to be able to take anyway). I got in just in time. It started crazy-storming not two or three minutes after I rushed in the door. Thankfully, it was done by the time I was sent out to do carts again.

The clouds were starting to build up, even as I finished work. I hurried home as fast as my legs could take me. Had leftover tuna salad for dinner while watching the last of the Rick Steves Scandinavia episodes. Rick finishes out his tour around Northern Europe with a ride around lovely Stockholm and a cruise to Russia-influenced Helsinki.

Finished out the night by finally finishing off Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. "Jedi Destiny" was the Luke/Vader duel in the second Death Star. Well, sort of. Actually, you use both Skywalkers to fight Palapatine. This is cool, because for the first time, you get to use the red Sith magic. I did have a few problems figuring out where I was going. Otherwise, this was a fairly simple build-and-solve round.

The finale of Jedi was also the last flying round. The Millennium Falcon first takes down four Imperial Star Destroyers, then has to blast its way into the Death Star's main reactor. Getting to the main reactor was a lot harder than actually destroying it. Getting to it involved retrieving those lavender plasma bombs and trying to blow walls to smithereens while a billion TIE fighters are buzzing around.

At any rate, that's it for the story rounds of Lego Star Wars. I'll more than likely return to see if I can get 100% later in the summer or in the early fall. For now, I'm going to move on to Lego Indiana Jones 1 the next time I do video games.

Oh, and to my knowledge, it hasn't stormed again since 4. It's just looking cloudy, and even that was breaking up when I was on the computer.

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