Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Slept in this morning. By the time I got up, the sun was already beating down, drying us out from yet another round of storms. I ran an episode of Max & Ruby while eating breakfast. "Ruby Delivers" flyers for the Bunny Scouts Bake Sale to her neighbors. Max wants to use his own "flyers" to help her out. The two are "Getting Crabby at the Beach" when they create a tidal pool...with a little surprise aid from a real crab. Ruby thinks "Max's Toys" are too noisy for Baby Huffington to play with. Max knows better.

Headed out for an errands run around 11:30 (passing by Charlie painting a table while his poor, tired dogs lounged in the shade and the breeze of a huge fan). First stop of the day was the Oaklyn Library. They were pretty quiet, with a couple of people on the computer and not much else. The TV wasn't even on. I looked at the DVDs and organized the kids' picture and board books and left.

Made a great find at the Oaklyn Library. They have a bin of free books, mainly kids' books, under the magazine holders as you come in. I dug three hardback vintage Peanuts titles out of the bin when I arrived. Kids in the late 70's and 80's grew up taking out the Charlie Brown 'Cyclopedias from local libraries. For many of us, they were probably our first encyclopedias. I think what I found were three collections of those, Charlie Brown's Super Book of Questions and Answers. The one with the white cover deals with animals of all kinds (including humans); the blue cover showcases information about the Earth, the planets, and outer space; the red cover deals with people from around the world and the jobs they do. The books are in perfect shape, too. The cover of the animals book is slightly yellowed and the spine is a little creased on the edges. Otherwise, they look brand-new. I think I'll give them to my nephews tomorrow. They might get a kick out of them.

Rode down Newton Avenue, over to CVS. Bought buy one-get-one-free GUM toothbrushes, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and a get-well soon card for my friend Linda Young's husband James, who is currently in the hospital with heart problems. Also took out 10 dollars to put in my nephew Skylar's birthday card. (His birthday is technically Sunday, but I'm going to bring his card down with me tomorrow and give it to him early.)

Stopped at Viola's International Deli for lunch. They were even quieter than CVS. I was the only one there. The lady behind the counter didn't even have the TV on. One guy came in and out to pick up an order. Otherwise, it was just me and my Caesar chicken wrap - grilled chicken and romaine lettuce in a whole-wheat wrap, with slices of Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing. Not bad. The dressing made it a little messy, but it did taste like a wrapped-up basic Caesar salad. The chicken was just seasoned enough.

Went home after lunch, then right back out. I needed to get the laundry done. I picked the right time. The laundromat was empty when I arrived, and didn't get much busier throughout the hour or so I was there. I had a big load, too, partly due to putting it off a day to avoid yesterday's extreme heat. Listened to talk shows and read the Charlie Brown animals book while the load was washing.

When I got in for good, I put everything away, then worked on my story. Leia awakens from her nightmare to find Luke and Chewie there with plankton  and shrimp for breakfast. They reassure her that she's ok and they'll find Han and escape soon.

The maze continues to be treacherous. A mound of coral blocking their way turns out to be a living creature...and they woke it up! Luke plays the flute and Leia sings to it to lull it to sleep, so they can pass. A steep cliffside is too high for merfolk to swim up...but humans can climb it. Leia and Luke get half-way before boulders start falling. Boba Fett was ordered by Jabba to stop the trio in any way possible. The shark-finned bounty hunter attacks Leia when she gets to the top, intending to kill her. She, Luke, and Chewie get the better of him instead and send him back to Jabba.

Jabba is absolutely furious. He dispatches Fett, then decides it's time to take care of this princess himself. He transforms himself into a handsome blond man, taking Han's voice as his own. The wicked sea-slug warlock is hoping he can seduce the girl away from her lover long enough to take her soul...

I got so into writing, it was quarter after 7 before I broke for dinner. I had a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich while watching an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. Babs, Buster, Plucky, and Hampton discover that "No Toon Is an Island" when they set sail to Booty Island in search of treasure. Plucky is determined that he'll get the rich stuff first...but they all learn a lesson in jealousy when "the green eyed monster" gets to them.

Tomorrow, I'll be joining Rose and her family for a brief trip down to Cape May County for  a party at my sister Anny's house.

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