Monday, October 29, 2007

Autumn Blue and Gold

It was an absolutely gorgeous, chilly fall day today, upper 50s-lower 60s, chilly, slightly windy, and sunny as could be. I spent the morning running errands. Returned two books that were due to the Haddon Township Library (I won't have the chance to do actual volunteering until Thursday), bought milk and an inexpensive copy of "The Nutcracker" on CD from Super Fresh, and stopped at a small floral shop on the corner of Cuthbert Road and the White Horse Pike for a medium-sized pumpkin and some ornamental gourds to replace the pumpkin and gourd that went bad during the heat wave we had earlier in the month. (That floral shop is a really nice little place; Phillies fans can still get a lot of collectible stuff there, and there's lawn decorations and banners in addition to flowers, shrubs, and seasonal items. I may check out their fresh greenery at Christmas, since I liked their pumpkin prices.)

Spent most of the remaining day online. Applied to the FYE behind the Acme in Audubon (I spend so much time there anyway, the kids behind the desk are starting to know me on sight) and to the big Chestnut Street Staples in Center City Philadelphia.

Work was quiet when I came in around 2:30, steady-to-busy starting at 4:30; nothing unusual for a Monday.

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