Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hum While You Work

(...Because I can't whistle!)

I finally began this month's cleaning. The bathroom needed to be done badly, and I got the kitchen done, too. I want to get the Halloween decorations up, and I can't do that until I dust, and I can't dust and vacuum until everything ELSE is done. I'll need to do the windows and sweep the porch, too. The leaves haven't fully turned colors yet, and my porch is still covered!

Speaking of work, that was pin-drop quiet today and soooooo looooooonnnnnggggg. It picked up a little around dinner time and was just slowing down again when I left. As of right now, I'm off for the next two days. I have counseling tomorrow and I want to do my library volunteering. Friday's more open. I want to get my paycheck and put it in the bank, but the weather sounds iffy for that day and may cancel any other running around.

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