Friday, October 19, 2007

Nobody Else But Me

Despite a rainy, blustery day, I did ride over to the shopping center where the Acme is to get my chores done. I picked up my paycheck and headed for Wal-Mart first, where I finally found an affordable pair of fuzzy cat's ears (along with a tail and a rather silly bow-tie) for my black cat Halloween costume. I think I'll wear the bow in my hair and be a girl cat instead of around my neck. I already have a tail from a previous costume, and the one that came with the package doesn't close to fit, anyway.

I stopped at FYE next. I finally picked up A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, the only major Peanuts holiday special I didn't have, and got National Lampoon's Vacation on DVD (to replace my video copy). My favorite find, though, was Kristen Chenowith's fabulous solo jazz CD Let Yourself Go, with some wonderful renditions of standards like "How Long Has This Been Going On?" and "My Funny Valentine."

Sometime between my arrival at and departure from FYE, it began to pour. It had been threatening rain since yesterday and actually began to sprinkle on the way to Wal-Mart, but nothing serious. I think I missed the worst of it, but I was still fairly damp when I headed into the free-standing Staples across the way to finally put in an application that would be on file. Got a quick slice of mushroom pizza and some water from Te Se Bella near FYE after that, then rode home.

I made one other quick trip to the bank before settling in for some writing. I worked on and edited a few stories Lauren and I wrote for the Monkees role-play, then wrote a short story for Lauren's birthday today. All can be seen at our Dream World role play site. After I worked on the stories, I made mashed sweet potatoes and had the last of the chicken soup for dinner.

It's pouring again out there now as I write this. I just closed the windows - the area around the living room window was soaked! (My bedroom wasn't as bad, though. It's protected by two houses. The living room is only protected by a few trees.)

Good. We NEED the rain, if only to get rid of this awful humidity. It hasn't even really be HOT, just HUMID.

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