Sunday, October 21, 2007

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

I got to bed late last night after a chat with Lauren, around 1. At about 4:15AM, I was awaken by my bladder and the sound of something going off. I thought it might have been a car alarm or security system in my landlady's side of the house. Actually, I'm still not sure exactly WHAT it was, and no one else seems to be sure, either. All I know is, I saw flashlights on my steps and heard voices next door and outside. I huddled in my cozy bed, praying it wasn't the cops coming upstairs to ask questions. I didn't know anything, can't really see anything back here, anyway, and I did NOT want to drag myself out of bed and have to put a robe over a rather short nightshirt.

Thankfully, the flashlights never came up to my porch. They disappeared down my steps, and the voices gradually faded away. I dashed to the bathroom, dashed back, and went back to sleep until quarter of 9.

Thanks to my late and disrupted slumber last night, I'm a bit sleepy now. You'd think I wouldn't be, given I had a fairly busy day. I baked a Chocolate Potato Cake from a British baking cookbook I bought from the thrift shop in the spring, making a few low-fat substitutes (like cocoa for baking chocolate and using less butter and sugar) while listening to the Beatles show on WOGL. (The British Invasion era in general was the theme today.) Miss Ellie's adult nephew came over to try to fix the piece of metal that came off my front (and only) screen door, and I chatted with him for a bit, and Mom called for the first time in almost three weeks. She seemed to be in a great mood. She's been working on an Edwardian theme for their new house; bring a bit of Cape Island to mainland Cape May County. She's happiest when she's doing something artistic and in charge of it.

Work was busy but painless, which is pretty much what it is every Sunday. The weather cooperated - it was sunny and warm, maybe a little too much for this time of year, but not too bad, and breezy. A couple of houses were having yard sales. I picked up a video copy of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (I'm not springing for 35 bucks for the DVD set) and an Eeyore doll and some kids' books for Uncle Ken's grandchildren.

The Eagles game was an ugly snore, the party happier but not much more fun. It was mostly Dad and Jodie's friends getting drunk and people shouting because the Eagles can't seem to score to save their lives. I was falling asleep and didn't stay for the whole game, and no, the Eagles did not win.

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