Thursday, October 04, 2007

That's What Neighbors Are For

First of all, this year's spooky Halloween Monkees role-play story is up at the Dream World site, and a couple more short stories, too! Enjoy!

I did finally get the bike fixed today. I saw one of my next-door neighbors fixing something in his garage this morning and asked him if he could do it. He not only put the inner tube on the tire, he also checked the pressure on both tires, pumped the fixed one, and gave it some oil. He even offered to do my other bike when I can get an inner tube for it. I'll see what I can do this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I'm going to have a very busy one. Half the store must be out sick, because I keep getting more hours. They asked me to stay three extra hours tomorrow, which I agreed to because, once again, I need the money. I won't make it to the farm market Saturday, but I should make the bank.

Oh, and I'm getting sooo much better on the bike! What was a twenty-minute bike ride to work over the Black Horse Pike in April has been cut to as little as ten when the wind's right, the traffic's right, and I have the energy. It feels so good to be able to fly down hills and not have to struggle to hike back up them. I'm getting better at yoga and especially pilates, too.

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