Monday, October 22, 2007

Beauty Of Fall

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in the Philadelphia/Camden area, bright, sunny, and breezy. It was probably still a little too warm for the time of year, but not too horrible, and not humid at all. (In fact, it's supposed to get even cooler and more fall-like as the week progresses.) I made a few phone calls today, including one to order Verizon High Speed Internet. I know they're not perfect and are pricy, but I had them before with no problems besides the price, so...why not? I'll cancel NetZero (who keeps disconnecting me when I don't want to be and attracts ads like a magnet) when I get Verizon.

Work was not beautiful at all. It was busy and backed-up all day. We had two call-outs. One cashier had to leave early, and a bagger never showed up or even bothered calling. The whole day was a royal pain in the rear, and my panicking when my computer froze up didn't help matters.

I know I need to stop panicking when things go wrong, but I can't help it. I feel bad, and need to do SOMETHING to feel better and get back in control. I just want to do better.

I need to ask about a good local eye doctor, someone near-by who isn't in Wal-Mart. I really would like to try contacts - or, better yet, if it's affordable and possible for my horrible eyesight, laser eye surgery.

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Linda said...

Hon, I still panic when something goes wrong with my computer. Don't sweat it. :-)