Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Bare Necessities Of Fall

Lauren and I finished this year's Halloween Monkees Dream World story tonight...and hoo boy, it's a weird one. Look for it within the next few days!

Despite the near-90 degree temperatures, it feels a bit more like October here in South Jersey. More homes are sporting pumpkins and mums in their yards; some even have big, spooky Halloween displays with monsters and guillotines and gallons of fake blood, though most of my neighbors save the major displays for Christmas. The trees are just starting to turn colors; within a few weeks, they'll be blazing, with hues brighter than an MGM musical of the 50s. The days are getting shorter, which I constantly forget. I've grown accustomed to the longer hours and can't seem to remember we'll be having less and less daylight to run around in soon.

And no, Uncle Ken wasn't really able to help me with the bike. Dad's bike turned out to have flat tires, too, and he isn't up to fixing either or taking my bike to the shop on the White Horse Pike. I did buy an inner tube from Wal-Mart, though.

I also grabbed copies of The Care Bears Nutcracker (no 80s girl should be without the Care Bears) and the new Disney Jungle Book 2-Disc Platinum Edition. This now makes the only Platinum Editions I'm missing Peter Pan and Snow White. I'm not a big fan of either, and Snow White is out of print and expensive used even at FYE. (Not to mention I've heard it's to be re-released on DVD within the next couple of years anyway.) There are a few other non-Platinum Disney films I want as well, notably Robin Hood, Mulan, and my very favorite, The Rescuers.

Work wasn't busy and, other than annoying beginning-of-the-month people, not really a problem. We shouldn't be really busy on the weekdays until November. Columbus Day and Halloween are not big food holidays. (Halloween day is usually dead as a doornail.)

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