Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Into the Cauldron

I figured I needed some down time after spending well past 2AM screaming and crying at my computer (yeah, I do feel silly about it now), so I slept in this morning. I made Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast and watched one of the only movies I have that comes even remotely close to horror, Disney's The Black Cauldron. I read the books the movie's based after, Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series, back in junior high, and frankly I say to both...ehhh. The movie has some truly stunning sequences but is dark (in story and in animation) and lacks interesting characters, and the books get awfully complicated, even for fantasy. (I prefer Alexander's wonderful, fun Vesper Holly series by a mile.)

Actually, one of the big reasons I bought this video was for the Donald Duck Halloween-themed cartoon Trick Or Treat, one of my favorite Donald-Nephews match-ups. That cartoon's classic. Don plays a trick on the boys instead of giving them treats, so they team up with a comic witch and her broomstick to get the greedy Donald to give up the goodies. There's a great song sequence near the middle as the witch casts her spell on various objects outside Donald's house, who give him a few tricks of their own.

I left for work a little early to send my friend Lauren's birthday present (it's Friday) at the post office in Audubon, in the shopping center behind the Acme. Since I was in the area, I stopped at the Staples to inquire about the application I put in the other night. Seems they never got it. They looked it up on their computers and it wasn't there. Damn. I'll apply on the machine at their store on Friday, but it's still annoying.

Work went fairly well. A few mildly annoying customers, and it was on-and-off - busy when I left and around 4:30 when people started coming home from work, dead otherwise.

And I finally got off and canceled Netscape. It worked better this evening, but I'm through with taking chances. I downloaded NetZero and am now using that. So far, my only complaint is the ad-filled sign-on page; otherwise, it seems to be running just fine, faster than Netscape on most things.

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