Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pretty Eagles All In A Row

Yay, the Philadelphia Eagles FINALLY won a game! They walloped the Minnesota Vikings 23-16, in a game I didn't get to see, of course, because I was at work! I'm assuming it was busy all weekend because this is, technically, a holiday weekend. Yeah, I know, no one has off for Halloween or will be desperately trying to visit relatives or set up a feast, but from the sheer numbers of cake, cupcakes, bags of candy, and tubs of ice cream bought, there were a LOT of Halloween parties this weekend, and parties at work and school will probably continue through the middle of the week.

Otherwise, nothing major today. Listened to the Beatles on WOGL this morning, watched the original Ghostbusters and one of the Real Ghostbusters episodes that came with Ghostbusters II DVD this evening during a dinner of home-made Chicken Soup and Wheat Noodles.

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