Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Rain, The Thunder, And Other Things

Oh, geez. Talk about be careful what you wish for! As I write this, lighting is flashing and thunder is growling and it's pouring like crazy out there! We really need the rain, though. We were close to drought conditions. This should help a little.

Ironically, my internet connection is working far better tonight than it did last night, storm and all! I had a few problems when I tried to look something up this afternoon, but none tonight. Go figure.

Fairly quiet day today. Bruce finally got home today, though I didn't see much of him or Uncle Ken this morning while I did laundry; I think they both had errands to run. I spent most of the time watching TCM. Their theme of the month is "biographies," and I caught the last 10 minutes and first half-hour of two largely fictional but not-bad biopics of stars of the silent screen, The Perils Of Pauline and Valentino, about serial queen Pearl White and exotic Latin lover Rudolph Valentino respectively. It actually took me a few minutes to figure out what the latter was; I thought it might have been Interrupted Melody, but boisterous Betty Hutton isn't the fairly delicate Eleanor Parker, who, interestingly, WAS in Valentino. Neither movie is at all accurate, with tacked-on love interests and soap-opera melodrama, but I found both at least somewhat enjoyable, with nice details of old Hollywood (particularly in Pauline). Neither are on DVD and I don't think Valentino is even on video, so it's nice to be able to catch them at all.

Work was steady, busy somewhat early on, dead later as the storm closed in, with no problems or missing personnel.

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