Saturday, October 27, 2007

Silver Lining

The sun FINALLY came out for good early this afternoon...right after I called Uncle Ken for a ride to work, of course. It poured almost the entire morning. I spent it watching Saturday morning cartoons, eating wheat pancakes (Aunt Jemima wheat pancake mix rocks), and doing Pilates.

Work was busy, which I expected, this being the Saturday before one of the year's most popular holidays. Probably about half my orders were for cakes, cupcakes, and party trays, which I also expected. What I didn't expect was a lot of obnoxious people fussing about how to bag things, including the return of that ridiculous woman with the frizzy hair! And this in the EXPRESS line! I wish people would have a heart and just bag themselves away from the line if they don't like how I or the bagger do it, especially when there's a line.

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