Friday, October 16, 2015

Around the Outlets In 6 Hours

We spent most of the day at the Lee Premium Outlets. It rained around 9, while we were still getting out of bed. By the time we were on the road around 10:30, the rain had taken a temporary leave of absence. There were still heavy clouds, but they were breaking apart.

After a quick stop at the bathroom and Customer Service to get a coupon booklet, we criss-crossed the entire Outlets, starting with second stops at the Gap, IZOD, and Van Heussen. We caught IZOD at the right time - today was their last day. I didn't get anything here, but Lauren picked up shirts for herself and sweaters for her and her mom.

Harry & David mostly specializes in fruit baskets and large containers of fancy snack food, like their caramel and chocolate-covered popcorn. We enjoyed looking, but we've bought enough snack food as it is. We ultimately just moved on.

Lunch was once again at the food court. We ducked around people giving sales spiels about a new LED light bulb (we'd already heard it earlier when we were at Customer Service) and went to make our choices. This time, I hit the grill and had a chicken gyro. Lauren returned to That's a Wrap for a barbecue chicken sandwich. My gyro wasn't too bad. The chicken was tough, but I've had worse. Lauren said her barbecue sandwich was really good. She sure seemed to enjoy it. She actually ate it pretty fast for her.

We dodged a short storm as we made our way to the other side of the complex. Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, and Chico's were beyond our budget. Pac Sun, Aeropostale, and American Eagle Outfitters skewered younger than we were interested in. (And Aeropostale had some very thin t-shirts that were practically see-through.) I considered pajamas at Jockey, but ultimately passed. We didn't see anything at Maidenform or Hanes, either. The sales at Ann Taylor weren't that great.

We couldn't resist the call of chocolates. I'd never seen a Lindt's Chocolate store before. We even got to try a sample of the milk chocolate truffles in the red wrapper. They mostly had huge bags of truffles, along with the same bars you could find in many grocery stores. I passed. I'd bought plenty of junk food this week, and those bags and most of the chocolate bars were too big for one person. Lauren found her dad's favorite orange truffles, along with raspberry for her and her mom.

I just ended up buying a black and white plaid flannel shirt at G.H Bass & Co. It wasn't as cheap as I'd hoped, but it was a nice, thick weight and worth the money. Lauren bought a couple of sweaters and a tote bag that was an extra if you gave 10 dollars to cancer research at Polo Ralph Lauren. (They were way beyond my budget.) We looked at Nautica, Banana Republic, and Naturalizer, but finally decided we'd had enough shopping for one day. Lauren bought one last shirt for work at Banana Republic, and we finally headed out for dinner after that.

We once again timed our departures right. The clouds had been building even as we left the Outlets. It poured briefly while we were on the road, and again at Juice and Java in downtown Pittsfield, where we picked up dinner. Thankfully, by the time it rained again, we were long at home, eating our sandwiches (I had turkey, Swiss, and roasted red peppers; Lauren had southwestern turkey) while watching more of Roddy Piper's stint as a host on Prime Time Wrestling during August 1989.

Lauren pre-ordered Yoshi's Wooly World for the Wii U on Amazon. It arrived today. This is a variation on Kirby's Epic Yarn - classic Nintendo characters cavort in a world made entirely of knits, crochets, weavings, and textured fabrics. This time, Yoshi has to gather skeins of yarn to put his friends back together and battle versions of famous Nintendo villains - including an adorable, huggable Bowser Jr. - made of knitted yarn. It's harder than it looks. Lauren and I missed a couple of skeins of yarn and some of the flower beads that give you extra items.

We finished World 1, then switched to Mario Party 10. This time, we did a quick round on the Mario Amiibo Board. I won - I got by far the most stars. Lauren came in second.

We're online now, once again chatting as a fire keeps us warm. We were going to take a scenic train ride in Adams to the north of here tomorrow, but it seems the train isn't running. We'll take in their museum and some local shops and yard sales instead.

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