Monday, October 26, 2015

Stuff that Goes Bump In the Daytime

Began the morning with breakfast and spooky episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures. "Stuff That Goes Bump In the Night" from the first season is an anthology of three tales of mild horror. The first has Montana Max dodging the ghost of Buster Bunny, who was driven out of his hole by Monty's new summer house. The second has Elmyra chasing what she thinks is a cute bat, but is really a vampire who considers her to be his next meal. The third is less scary. Hampton deals with an uninvited house guest - a hungry mosquito.

"The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain" from the fourth season has fun with the B teen horror movies of the 60's and 70's. Elmyra plays Elvira, who hosts the "movie" (complete with a take on the real American International logo of the era) and tries to keep Furball around. Fifi, Babs, and Shirley are on a sleep-over at a cabin in the woods. Buster, Plucky, and Hampton dress as a half-breed monster with antlers that's a local horror legend to give the girls a scare. The girls vow to get even...until it turns out that there's someone else out there that's after them as well...

I got to the laundry around 11:30. It was a little busy when I came in. By the time my clothes were in the drier and the local news was fussing about the rain later in the week, the place was down to me and one other person. I didn't have a really big load, in any case. I was mainly washing work clothes.

When I got home, I put clothes away while finishing out the episodes of Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater I started earlier. "The Phantom of the Theater" has stolen Catnip's candy stash and My Melody's teddy and gotten Tuxedo Sam tangled in a curtain pull. Who's really behind all the spooky doings? Catnip's not happy about playing "Frankencat," a mad scientist who creates a robot (Grinder) who befriends a little girl (My Melody). She's happier with the more glamorous role of "Catula," a milk-drinking vampire who has sucked all the dairy products out of Transylvania! Hello Kitty and her buddies are called to help get rid of her.

Did a little bit of writing next. Maple is working on a potion that'll give the officers in her bar hallucinations - just enough to distract them from figuring out what the Rebels are doing. When she finishes, she agrees to go with Betty to try to find out more about where Holstrom's keeping the Fire Talisman.

Did a couple of Disney shorts while eating lunch and getting ready for work. "Runaway Brain" is a rare Mickey horror tale from the 90's. Mickey needs to make some money fast to take Minnie on vacation. He sees an ad for "mindless work"...but the ad doesn't exactly state that a mad scientist wants to switch his brain with that of his huge monster!

The 1945 Donald Duck short "Duck Pimples" is even more bizarre. Donald's rainy night at home and a bevy of horror and mystery shows on the radio has his imagination on edge. A simple pulp fiction novel gets real wild when Donald's brain starts working overtime...and the characters literally jump from the page and enact the story in his living room.

Work was a pain. I got scolded about the WIC checks and getting upset with people. I can't help it. I get scared. I don't want to make trouble, and all I do is make more trouble. And a manager scolded me again about not using the right buttons to take off an item...instead of doing it the way I've been doing it for almost two decades and the way everyone else does it. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, I just can't do anything right there. I was so happy when my relief was actually early and I was able to get off at a decent time.

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