Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn Blues

It was cloudy and cool when I finally got out of bed and put down the Amelia Peabody book Lord of the Silent this morning. I started the day with breakfast and a spooky episode of Good Eats. "Oh My, Meat Pie" throws a couple of jabs at the Tim Burton Sweedny Todd. Alton's great-grandfather teaches a rather barber and the baker of the "worst pies in London" how to make the perfect shepard's and mincemeat pies.

Went into the original The Muppet Show as I cleaned up from breakfast. Shock jock Alice Cooper's appearance in an episode of the third season was rather controversial in the mid-70's, as his outrageous hard rock style was the precursor to everyone from KISS to Marilyn Manson. Actually, this episode was one of the funnier shows of the season, with Cooper trying to persuade the Muppets to sell their souls (and almost succeeding with Gonzo).

Did a little bit of writing as I tried to ignore the music blasting downstairs from the newly-arrived carpenters. (They've been gone since I've been home. They must have finally gotten back from vacation.) Betty asks Maple how she got to know Scott. Maple had been a thief with Scott, then worked as a maid in a grand house when he was prince regent. When he was found out, she was one of the people who helped him escape.

Did the other spooky episode of The Muppet Show as I made pumpkin bread and got ready for work. Vincent Price was at the height of his popularity as a horror icon when he appeared in the late first season. His spooky elegance made a nice contrast with the Muppets' signature wackiness. I like his interview with Kermit about acting and a skit with Gonzo and Fozzie moving into a vampire's castle and discovering Price and his "beautiful assistant" (monster Uncle Deadly) looking for a room for the night.

Work was a little bit quieter than last night, otherwise pretty much the same - quiet in the afternoon, busy during rush hour, otherwise frustrating. I still can't seem to do anything right. I can't help apologizing when I do something wrong. People scare me. I don't know what they'll do. I get worried and panic. I wish I could explain it better. They don't understand. Thankfully, it had slowed down enough by 7 that I was able to leave with no relief and no need for one.

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