Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Caring Bears and Radio Tales

Got up a little earlier this time, enough to start the day with breakfast and an episode of Remember WENN. We stay in the third season and move to "Eugenia Bremer, Master Spy." A British secret agent arrives at the station, claiming there's still codes going out over the airwaves. While the cast has to paraphrase their scripts, the spy courts Eugenia, the sweet organist, who has a secret of her own.

I watched a few other extras on the disc as I prepared to head out. AMC filmed a series of short commercials with the five main couples on the show during the fourth season. My favorite is actually the Mr. Foley/Eugenia one; they're so cute. Maple's and Victor's (where Maple translates Victor's "grandeloquent" vocabulary) is pretty funny, too. And I loved the little blurb on Tom Beckett, who played Mr. Foley. (I don't think the poor guy ever did get his one line.)

Finally made it to the laundromat around 11:30. I timed it right, for once. It was just clearing out when I put my very big load in the washer. Thankfully, by the time people were complaining about the larger front-loading washers leaking, my things were in the dryer and almost done. (And I never use the front-loading washers, anyway. They cost twice as much as the top-loaders.)

When I got in, I put everything away, then made dinner. I sliced up sweet potatoes, boneless chicken thighs, and broccoli. Tossed them in the Crock Pot with water and a tiny bit of lemon juice for chicken-sweet potato stew.

My first stop after I headed out was Capitol Pizza for lunch. Though I enjoyed the chatter on The Talk about ignoring bad advice and following your heart, it was too nice of a day to eat inside. I took my mushroom and cheese slices out to the wire tables on the curb along the White Horse Pike. It was a gorgeous day for mid-October, in the lower 70's, sunny, and breezy. I was glad I was out to enjoy it.

Went right to the Haddon Township Library next. I tried to shelve the kids' DVD's, but as usual, the S titles were overflowing. Some G titles didn't fit, either. I also shelved audio books and went through the adult DVD's to make sure there were no foreign or kids' titles mixed in.

I did take out some titles this week. Thought I'd give Game of Thrones a shot, since they actually had the first season and I've been writing fantasy. Grabbed two recent semi-fantasies, Magic In the Moonlight and Winter's Tale. Found the newest Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot set, Mystery In Care-A-Lot.

I needed food in the house, and I couldn't wait for Friday. I rode down to the Westmont Acme to do a little bit of shopping. They weren't too busy. I'm still broke and was trying to keep the list to a minimum. I mostly either bought things I really needed (pumpkin, cooking spray, crushed pineapple), or that were on a good sale (spinach, the Acme's generic shredded wheat, brown sugar) or both (small cups of Greek yogurt, the Acme's chocolate chips, eggs, soup).

When I finally made it home, I put everything away, then spent the next hour writing. Mackie and Betty follow Eugenia, Mr. Foley, and C.J to the stable. To avoid being detected, Betty and Mackie hide in the hayloft, where they watch the proceedings.

It turns out to be a meeting of the Rebel Society, the group that's fighting the Shadow Realm independently of countries like Brittanica and Francois. They're discussing the white crystal mine that they're secretly using to unearth power crystals to fight off the Shadow Realm when the mysterious Leader arrives. No one knows who this person is. They dress all in black and keep their voice low and soft. They claim someone has discovered the mine - it'll have to be stripped and abandoned. While he explains his plan, Mackie and Betty lean closer...and then the hay gets into Mackie's nose, and he has to sneeze...

Did another episode of Remember WENN while eating my Chicken-Broccoli Stew for dinner. Hilary is "Courting Disaster" when Jeff's lawyer claims he wants to sue her for damages! Betty, Maple, and Scott help her fight back and make a mockery of the shyster's double-talk on their court show.

Made a Confetti-Buttermilk Cake while starting the Mystery In Care-A-Lot DVD. In "Nightbears," we discover that it's Sweet Dreams Bear's job to give all the Care Bears happy, gentle dreams when they to go sleep. A "plainbow" cuts off her powers and disrupts her sleep. The bears who do sleep get nightmares instead! It takes all of the bears to fight the "plainbow" and learn that nightmares are a normal part of dreaming...and they aren't necessarily anything to be afraid of.

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