Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sitcom Spooks and Frights

Started off a late morning with a couple of spooky sitcom episodes. "Haunted House," from the second season of Laverne & Shirley, takes the girls and their guy friends Lenny and Squiggy to the old Ramsdale Manor. The girls need a couch, and the the house is being demolished and the furniture sold. Shirley's heard stories about a monster in the manor that attacks anyone on the grounds. Laverne thinks she's being silly...until they and the guys see strange things going on at the manor...

I rushed off the the farm market around 11. I did take a peek at a few yard sales. One was just knick-knacks. A big one by the Art Deco-style apartment building that overlooks the lake had some interesting Christmas stuff, but I finally decided I didn't really need it.

Even at nearly quarter after 11, the Collingwood Farm Market was bustling. It's on its last month. Several food booths are gone, replaced by more craft booths. Tomatoes, grapes, and cucumbers are also gone, but I saw the first cranberries of the season. Stopped and watched the two alpacas at the first booth. One just ate; the other scratched himself (and probably wondered why those crazy humans were watching him scratch himself). I ended up buying broccoli, small apples, carrots, and the cranberries.

I passed by a little fair by Oaklyn's fire house on my way home. This is Fire Prevention Month. I remember it was a huge deal in Cape May when I was a kid - those fancy Victorian homes are beautiful but also quite flammable. I saw a 'fire safety truck' from Bellmawr enter as I was on my way to Collingswood. There was a fire house-themed bounce house and a wooden house front to squirt with a fire hose.

When I got in, I had leftovers for lunch, then started Oatmeal-Chocolate-Chip Cookies. Ran Moonlighting while I worked. "I See London, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld" from the fifth season gets more than a little spooky when a man dies in Maddie and David's office while waiting for an appointment. It turns out neither he, nor the man who came looking for him the next day, or the two men with guns chasing him, are what they claim. The duo have to figure out what they were all after while arguing over the possibility of death being final or there really being something "on the other side."

Switched to Remember WENN as I cleaned up from baking and got the cookies in the oven. Diva actress Hilary Booth is being haunted by "The Ghost of WENN" during this late third season episode. The horror show they're performing and the rainy, noisy weather isn't helping. While Hilary and Betty try to figure out what's going on, Mackie worries about the urban legend surrounding what happened to the last actor who read the dialogue on page 13...

"Caller I.D" deals with the imagination and the magic of radio and of fiction. A "passionate listener" has climbed onto the edge of a building and is threatening to jump if the cast doesn't perform for her. They first throw together a bunch of shows and create cliffhangers to maintain her interest. She's finally reminded that fantasy is really only in the mind...and stories aren't much use without people to hear them.

The cookies took longer than I anticipated. I just barely got to work on time. Not a good thing. We were busy for most of the evening. There's tons of things going on this weekend as we head towards Halloween and the holiday season - hay rides, craft shows, fairs, birthday parties, various fall sports. There were a lot of people who were rude and demanding, or just wouldn't help bag. I was so happy when my relief showed up on time and I was able to hurry out.

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