Tuesday, October 20, 2015

As Time and Radio Stations Go By

I slept so late today, it was noon before I had breakfast! After I ate quick, I did a little bit of writing...and a lot of flipping through photos. A former cameraman on Remember WENN took candid photos of the cast and staff during the show's run. Some of them are really gorgeous! They've all been giving me wonderful fanfic ideas.

(Here's the link to the photos - hope you have some time to check them all out! There's over a hundred.)

Manged to get a little bit of writing in there before work. Mackie and Betty see Eugenia and Mr. Foley following Maple to the stable behind the Buttery Inn. They take cloaks and follow them, hoping to find out what's going on and what Maple's hiding.

Work was fairly quiet when I came in, but it picked up considerably during rush hour. There were a lot of WIC checks - checks that allow low-income families with small children and infants to purchase some food and baby formula - today, and a lot of problems with WIC checks. Acme was just bought by Safeway earlier this year and is in the process of switching to Safeway's generic brands. Not all of the new brands are in the computer yet. In other cases, the wrong items are in the computer and are working when they shouldn't. I got fussed at for allowing cans of vegetables that were too small to be rung up, even though they worked. I just wanted to get the women out of there by that point. Thankfully, my relief was right on time.

When I got home, I had leftover soup while finishing the WENN episode I started this afternoon. Quite a few of the shots in the Facebook photo collection were from the classic third season Casablanca spoof "From the Pen of Gertrude Reece." The station's receptionist has written a radio play with a plotline familiar to anyone who's even remotely a classic movie fan. Scott has the Rick role of the former soldier of fortune who doesn't care about anyone...until one woman (Betty) comes back into his life in his bar that's a gathering of many refugees from Europe and Africa. Mackie is the sardonic French major. Maple and Eugenia are musicians; C.J the technician is the bartender. Mr. Eldridge and Jeff are waiters. One of the sponsors give Scott "Letters of Transmit" that could get him out of North Africa. He'd love for Betty to go with him, but she won't leave without her war hero lover (Victor).

Gertie finally reveals that, like the writers of the real Casablanca, she's had a hard time coming up with an ending for her story. She, Betty and Hilary toss around a few ideas, but Betty doesn't like any of them. She finally types the name of the man she thinks the heroine ought to end up with...but then decides Gertie should come up with her own ending.

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