Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beautiful Indian Summer

It was late when I finally put down He Shall Thunder In the Sky and started breakfast. Finished out the Care Bears set as I ate. "Sleuth of Bears" has the crew playing Scooby Doo (we even get a "meddling kids" reference and everyone running in and out) when they think they've found clues to the "Scare Bear," the spooky ghost of the founder of Care-A-Lot. As with Scooby, the real identity of the "ghost" is hardly frightening.

Poor Grumpy just wants to watch honeyball in "Welcome to Grump-A-Lot," but the other bears keep disrupting his time to himself. When he finally gets fed up, his unleashed anger turns the others equally grumpy. He has to find out how to return them to their original selves.

("Welcome to Grump-A-Lot" bothered me a little. While Tenderheart was right that Grumpy should have been more careful about expressing his emotions, the other bears also should have been scolded for snitching his food and invading his personal space in the first place. He wouldn't have gotten angry if they'd asked to eat with him or just left him alone, especially given they know how he can get.)

It was quarter of 1 when I finally headed out. It was a glorious day for a walk. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, and it was breezy but not windy. It was also in the mid-70's, rather warm for this time of year. I didn't need a sweater, much less a jacket. The leaves aren't quite as pretty here as they are up north, but the gardens, helped by all the rain we had a few weeks ago, abound with marigolds, mums, and the last of the roses. Most people have their Halloween decorations up by now. I haven't seen as many elaborate displays as usual, but there are a few, including some houses with orange, yellow, or white lights.

First stop was the Oaklyn Library. The nursery school kids were there, learning about apples and apple picking. While one of the librarians read them stories about apples and had them make prints with apples, I organized the DVDs. The kids weren't done by 1:30. I just headed out. I'll do the kids' area next week.

Since it's just a couple of blocks down the road on the White Horse Pike from the Library, I hit Family Dollar next. I forgot to buy tissues yesterday. I ran out of them almost two weeks ago. I need them rather badly. My allergies have been acting up off and on since the Friday it poured for most of the day.

I was going to volunteer at Studio LuLoo, but they weren't open when I made it back to West Clinton. I hit Phillies Yummies for what will probably be the last time this season instead. I was surprised to see it open this late. I guess they figured with the warm day, people would want ice cream. I tried the home-made pumpkin ice cream they had advertised in their window. It definitely tasted home-made, if nothing else. Actually, it tasted like frozen pumpkin puree with cream, sugar, and spices, though thicker and less spicy than pumpkin pie filling. Not bad, but a little bit odd.

Had lunch when I got in. Ran more Remember WENN as I ate. It's a not-so "Happy Homecoming" for Jeff and Victor in the third season finale. Betty hears Johnathan Arnold on the radio and becomes concerned when she realizes it's a different voice. Meanwhile, Jeff has arrived and is determined to make Hilary listen to his explanation about the Pavla mess. Hilary is equally determined to ignore him. Betty's delighted when Victor shows up at the station, but there's something very wrong with him...

Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working on my very long WENN fanfiction. I did a lot of re-writing, trying to figure out what the Rebel Society is actually doing. I finally decided that they are going to defend the white crystal mine. They need it and the magic to combat the Shadow Realm. Mackie doesn't want any part of their war. He just wants to act and stay away from magic. Betty doesn't want to fight, but she doesn't like the Shadow Realm, either.

Mackie wants to get out, but as it turns out, they don't have a choice. The hay loft they're hiding in breaks out from under them. Betty lands right in the arms of the mysterious Leader; Mackie uses Eugenia and Mr. Foley for a landing pad. Betty senses that the Leader (and his catchphrases) seem familiar, but he's wearing muffling black leather clothing and she can't see his face. He melts into the shadows before she can question him further.

Started Magic In the Moonlight as I ate leftovers for dinner. I'll finish it tomorrow either before or after work.

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