Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Eagles March Over the Saints

After staying up late with Lauren online last night, I slept in this morning. When I did get up, I made Gingerbread Pancakes and sipped tea while listening to records. I found Satin Affair about five or six years ago. This instrumental album from I'm guessing the early 60's is sweet and slinky, perfect for a lazy morning or afternoon in the late summer and early fall.

After breakfast, I had just enough time to do some cleaning. I forgot to wash the indoor trash and recycling canisters this week, and they badly needed to be done. I do them twice a year, usually in mid-May and mid-October. I usually take them to the area under my porch where the hose is to be washed. While the water line is set up down there, Charlie got rid of the old hose and hasn't replaced it yet. I just used buckets of water.

Listened to Disney's Splashdance and Mousercise albums while I worked. Splashdance has a cute song called "Chip and Dale's Vacation," detailing what the pair of rodents do when they find themselves in "a tropic paradise." Mousercise is fun to listen to when you're moving around, it being an exercise album. My favorite number there is the hilarious "Get the Money (Uncle Scrooge's Money)," with aerobics moves intended to imitate the Beagle Boys in Scrooge's money bin.

After I finished that, I rounded up some of the Apple-Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins, then headed to Dad's house to watch the game. It was just him and Jodie when I arrived. The game was just starting. Mark showed up towards the beginning of the second quarter with the fixings for chili dogs. I just opted for a hot dog with cheese. Jodie had a very tasty veal stew for half-time. (Vanessa went to get her hair done, an all-day affair for her.) Rose and Khai were out apple-picking and didn't come in until the fourth quarter, when the game was nearly over. It was very busy there - poor Khai was so pooped, he was half-passed out on the couch when I left.

Oh, and once again, the Eagles played much better in the second half of the game than they did the first. While the Saints' quarterback Drew Brees is excellent, the team surrounding him isn't quite at his level. It helped that Sam Bradford was looking much better, throwing two touchdowns and avoiding sacks. The Eagles finally out-threw them 39-17.

I headed out towards the end of the 4th quarter, when the Eagles had built up such a huge lead they were probably going to win no matter what. I stopped by Rose and Jodie chatting with neighbors across the street. Rose is going to pick me up to take me to the train platform at Cherry Hill around 9:30 tomorrow - the train comes at 9:55.

Headed home to organize a few things and grab my laundry. I really wanted to get some things washed before I leave tomorrow. Of course, I got all the way there, only to realize I'd left the money for the change machines on my dresser. I had to run home and retrieve it. Thankfully, once I got the money, I had no problems. It wasn't that busy - by the time it was picking up, I was pulling my things out of the dryer.

(And they had the Patriots-Cowboys game on while I was there. The Cowboys couldn't get anything going against Tom Brady and lost hard, 30-6.)

As soon as I got home, I finished as much packing as I could. As of right now, I've packed everything but this laptop and anything that goes with it (I'll be online while at Lauren's), the snacks for the train (I'll make the tuna sandwich tomorrow), and anything I'll need tonight, like my pajamas, hair brush, and tooth brush.

I'm looking forward to this trip. I haven't been out of New Jersey for longer than a few hours in at least five years. I'm overdue for this.

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