Sunday, October 04, 2015

Where's the Sun?

My eyes crept open at 10 AM this morning...and I had to work at 11. Yikes! Needless to say, I got off to a very fast start! There was barely enough time to jot off a journal entry, eat, change into my work clothes, and rush out. No music, no pancakes. (I'll have them for breakfast tomorrow.)

I barely made it on time! It's a good thing I did. Work was a mess all day, with the longest lines I've seen since Memorial Day Weekend. Neither Labor Day Weekend nor the 4th of July got this busy! The beginning of the month crossed with a big 1 PM Eagles-Redskins game and some remaining weather jitters (despite it not having rained since yesterday afternoon) added up to long lines we weren't equipped to handle. There was a lot of complaining and a lot of people who were not in the best of moods. Thank goodness it slowed down enough by 4 for me to leave without a relief.

(Oh, and though the Eagles made a comeback in the second half and tried hard, the Redskins just pushed past them 23-20.)

I went straight home, changed, loaded up my laundry, and went right back out. I have so much to do this week, I wanted to get the laundry done now, instead of waiting for tomorrow or Tuesday. I probably should have just waited. The laundromat was also the busiest I've seen it in months. I could barely move around, there were so many people! I just barely managed to get a washer and had to practically beg for a dryer. Didn't help that I had a huge load this week too, including towels.

Thankfully, most people here seemed to be in somewhat better moods than the customers at the Acme were. Maybe it was because the clouds had vanished and the sun had come out by then. I even had a nice chat with a woman about the blanket she was crocheting for her husband's friend's new baby.

When I got home, I put clothes I planned to put away for the summer in one pile, and clothes that stayed out year-round in another. The reason I wanted to get the laundry done today was so I could pull out my winter clothes and winter purse before I go on vacation. I mainly need good clothes for winter - a skirt, a dress, good winter shoes. I also need a better pair of corduroys than I bought from Boscov's earlier this year. They shed all over the place. Need to replace one of my pairs of jeans, too. And a better fall-spring jacket wouldn't hurt.

I barely had time for a quick mushroom and cheese omelet for dinner. Listened to The Scarlet Pimpernel while I organized and ate. This adaptation of the famous novel about a foppish nobleman who masquerades as a daring adventurer who rescues aristocrats from the guillotine during the French Revolution went through a couple of heavy revisions during its Broadway run in the late 90's. I have the original cast, and it's probably the only one you need. Chauvelain's impassioned "Where's the Girl?" is a particular favorite of mine.

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