Saturday, October 10, 2015

Time For Vacation

Started off a sunny but chilly morning with breakfast and Halloween specials. Garfield's Halloween Adventure has the famous fat cat and his none-too-bright dog buddy playing pirates to do some trick-or-treat looting. Their nautical holiday stops being about just candy when they find themselves stranded on an island inhabited by the ghosts of buccaneers who are looking for their lost treasure.

The Backyardigans not only have their own fun with spooks in the first season episode "It's Great to Be A Ghost," they become them! Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone pretend to be ghosts haunting a scary old mansion. Uniqua and Pablo are having a great time, but poor Tyrone is nervous about all the scares. When Tasha shows up and can't be scared, it's the least-likely kid who finally figures out how to really get to her.

Made a quick run to the farm market after finishing breakfast. I was only there for apples. I'm going to take them with me to Pittsfield to eat for a snack there and on the train. The farm market was very busy; it looked like there was going to be an apple pie contest there later.

It was such a nice day, I took the long way home across Newton Lake Park, stopping at CVS for snacks for the train. I wasn't the only one in the park, either. I passed dog walkers and what appeared to be a group of people running in some local marathon. CVS was busy, too, probably with people on their way to or from fall events.

I got home with just enough time to have a quick lunch, change, and start another Backyardigans episode. "Soccer Monster" has Uniqua and detective Tyrone looking for her lost soccer ball. Retrieving it from from the castle of soccer monster Pablo won't be so easy. If he catches the duo, he'll turn them into soccer monsters, too!

It took me so long to eat and get going, I was almost late for work! As it was, work was on-and-off busy, a little bit more than it has been this week, but not too horrible. Other than some annoying customers, there were no major problems, and my relief was on time.

Oh, and my schedule next week is...vacation! I'm leaving for Pittsfield on Monday. I'll be there until next Sunday. I'm off tomorrow, too. While even a little bit of a paycheck when I got back might have been nice, it'll be great to have some time to get the laundry done, finish packing, and even watch the Eagles-Saints game with my family.

It was so nice, I took the long way home down Nicholson, dodging rush-hour traffic. It was worth it. By quarter after 5, there wasn't a cloud in the brilliant blue sky. I passed a lot of people on Atlantic speeding with their windows open, just enjoying a gorgeous fall day.

Did a little writing when I got home. Betty can't sleep. There's too much noise on the street where the Buttery Inn is, and her bed is too lumpy. She goes to her window instead...and sees Maple sneaking into the courtyard, along with several other people. Curious, she makes her way downstairs, where she runs into Mackie. They both end up following Maple to the stable.

Had a very quick dinner of leftovers while watching Halloween Is Grinch Night. The Whos all flee when the Grinch is on the prowl, roaming around on Mount Crumpet with his cart of wild, mind-blowing scares. After he's blown up into the mountains, little Eukeriah Who takes it upon himself to make sure that the Grinch and his cart never make it down the mountain to Whoville.

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