Friday, October 02, 2015

Rainy Day Dolls

It was dark, gloomy, pouring like mad, and freezing cold when I got up this morning, a state of affairs that continued through most of the early part of the day. I warmed things up with a couple of records. Witchcraft...! is a collection of instrumental music themed around magic, spells, or witches, like "Old Devil Moon," "That Old Black Magic," and the title number. Autumn is a series of lovely fall-themed instrumental songs by George Winston.

While the music ran, I pulled out the dolls' fall and winter separates and changed them into clothes more appropriate for the current season. Felicity is in her original Rose Garden Gown "meet" dress. Samantha wears her fancy pink and white Tea Dress with the big collar, the ribbon headband from her current green spring dress, and the pink and white shoes from Rebecca's Lace Dress. Molly wears her full meet outfit with the knee-high socks from Kit's School Outfit. Josefina wears her current meet outfit with the bright red and blue skirt. Jessa goes 70's in a blue paisley shirt, modern AG jeans that pass for Me Decade thanks to flared bottoms and beading, and the blue-violet flats from the Coconut Fun Outfit. Whitney's play outfit is strictly 50's - a pink cardigan with pearl trim, the white blouse from her eBay felt poodle skirt costume, the tight Blue Jeans Basics I jeans from the early modern AG line, thick white bobby socks, and saddle shoes borrowed from Molly.

It was lunch by the time I finished the dolls! I had leftovers and began a turkey tenderloin with carrots and sweet potatoes for dinner while listening to the Streets of Fire soundtrack. Like Eddie and the Cruisers and Xanadu, this is another 80's soundtrack that did much better than the movie it came from. The movie itself, an action musical about an ex-soldier who has to rescue his former girlfriend from evil bikers, was a flop in 1984 but is now considered a neon-drenched cult classic. The music is pure epic. The uptempo ballad "I Can Dream About You" was the big hit and is probably the best-known song, but my favorites are the opening number "Nowhere Fast" and the driving dance tune "Tonight Was Made for the Young."

Finished out the Max & Ruby Perfect Pumpkin DVD  while cleaning the kitchen. I enjoyed the bunny sibling duo's second round of Halloween and fall tales far more than their first. "Max & Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin" will be the best out of the huge pile of round orange gourds in the grocery store, if Ruby can pick it before Max starts going after candy. Ruby wants that perfect pumpkin to be a friendly host for her Halloween party, but her brother has other ideas for "Max's Jack 'O Lantern." "Max's Big Boo" will be a great way to scare his sister, but Ruby isn't an easy girl to scare.

After I finished the kitchen and Max & Ruby, I went right into writing. Scott and his men stop two armored carriages driving through the woods. The carriages contain prisoners being taken to hard labor in the crystal mines in Weepla, the kingdom next-door to Wennaria. Though they do rescue some of the prisoners, two of the guards get away with the rest of them, including Gertie. Scott does manage to intercept a coded message with some very big, big news. He has to get to Yorkalia personally to warn the Rebel Society. One of the prisoners he rescued, Gus Kahana, is grateful enough to offer the use of his produce-hauling carts to get Scott to town.

Meanwhile, Pruitt, King Charles Crawley of Weepla, and Lord Holstrom of Yorkalia City are all being chewed out by their boss. The Master, the unknown evil wizard who is the real head of the Shadow Realm, orders Holstrom to continue building dark crystal plants for making Shadow Warrior Armor, Crawley to step up mine operations...and Pruitt to break up the Rebel Society and arrest its elusive leader and the equally elusive King of Thieves. They're undermining his authority and bringing hope to the people of Wennaria.

The rain finally started slowing down around 5:30. I was tired of sitting inside and, rain or no rain, I did have to pick up my schedule and do some grocery shopping. I dressed in my winter coat and heavy winter boots for the first time since March (my winter boots are probably the warmest waterproof shoes I own) and headed out. Though it was still windy, the rain had taken a temporary break, allowing me to get to the store only a little damp.

To my surprise, the Acme was steady, not quiet but not that busy, either. I figured everyone would be panicking over the weather. Either they all got their panicking out yesterday, or they heard that Hurricane Joaquin was going to head out to sea. It was a good thing, too. I had a lot of restocking to do. I took advantage of another Mega Sale Event to pick up peanut butter, French Toast Graham Cracker Goldfish, three cans of tuna, and sugar. Restocked laundry detergent, white beans, honey, and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. Also grabbed a desperately-needed box of tissues on sale. I'd been sniffling all day, probably from all the dust stirred up by the storm.

Thankfully, my schedule for next week is much closer to normal for this time of year. One late night, Tuesday. Wednesday and next Friday off, Wednesday for counseling. Otherwise, nothing strange and more hours.

I did get a little wet going home. Not only was the rain starting to pick up again, but the wind was against me. It was fierce, but I've had worse. Thankfully the traffic wasn't that bad.

When I got home, I started an episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey while eating the succulent Crock Pot turkey tenderloin, potatoes, and carrots. Jake Cutter is determined to prove that "The Late Sarah White" is still alive. He and Corky trail her to Manila, where they discover a plot to undermine the US' authority there and get them out of the Philippines.

(Oh, and by the way, the rain got heavier during dinner and has continued heavy on and off since then.)

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