Tuesday, July 28, 2020

At Home With My Sister

Kicked off another sunny morning with a jelly omelet and Split Second. The young man with the glasses was behind the two women during the entire episode. I thought he wouldn't make it...until he came from behind to win the Countdown Round. That was his fifth win, allowing him to get the car outright. (He became the second person I've seen on the show to last five days and get the car.)

Blockbusters just started when I checked my phone. Rose called me. She was going to try to get over to the house. Did I want to watch Finley later? Ok, why not? Jessa texted, too. Did I want to get together? She didn't mind Finley being there. I told both their visits would be fine, and appreciated. I hadn't seen anyone since Friday.

Spent the next two hours getting organized. Made the bed, stacked the remaining milk crates to use it as a folder cabinet. Put the American Girl doll bin one of the crates originally sat on in the bedroom closet. Did the dishes, tidied up the futon, and put my crocheting up where Midnight and Finley couldn't get at it.

Rose texted me as I was preparing for Jessa's arrival. Turns out no, she and Finley couldn't come over or help me out after all. Her strep throat had gotten so bad, she'd gone to the hospital to get it checked out. She did say she and her family got tested for the virus and came out negative, so it's likely not that, but she wanted to find out what it actually was.

Jessa still came over, though, with Midnight in tow. We spent the next couple of hours together, huddled at the futon and kitchen table and watching game shows. She ordered the half-mushroom, half-cheese pizza this time, since I don't have much money left. We talked about Dad's death and my moving and played along with Classic Concentration, Password, and Super Password.

After she left, I decided I really needed to go grocery shopping. Trouble is, I have just enough money to pay Jodie the rent for next month, and definitely not enough for Uber. Maybe it was time I gave the bike a shot. The bike itself only needed its tires pumped. Once I did that, I rode to the Acme with no problems whatsoever.

Picked the right day for grocery shopping. Even at 4:30, the height of rush hour, they were stone-cold dead. They were having really good chicken sales. I grabbed cutlets for dinner tonight and legs for later in the week or next week. The Oikos Greek yogurt was a dollar each; the 50-cent coupons they came with made them free. Grabbed plums and grapes for fruit and an onion and zucchini for vegetables. Two small boxes of Breakstone butter were cheaper than one pack of any other brand. Acme generic ice cream was on a really good sale with an online coupon; went with vanilla this time. Picked up coconut to make cookies later. Restocked cereal (went with shredded wheat again), milk, bananas, canned no-salt tomato sauce, pasta, oatmeal, and cooking spray.

Went into Match Game after I got home and put everything away, and then as I had chicken cutlets and zucchini with potatoes for dinner. In the first episode, Brett told everyone about the adorable doll a woman in the audience gave her. In the 1977 shows, Brett tripped over the newly-laid shag carpet, then everyone did a chorus of "99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall" when it was the top answer on an Audience Match and Gene Rayburn claimed he never heard it before.

By the time Sale of the Century was on, I'd moved on to making Coconut-Lemon No-Bake Cookies. This time, the singles were two younger men and a ribald older lady who was clearly having the time of her life. She bought a Rodeo Drive shopping spree and the Instant Cash (even though she didn't win the money on the latter) and was ahead for most of the game. She was neck and neck with one of the guys in the speed round, and only lost in a tie. He didn't get anywhere near the money in the bonus round, though.

Briefly listened to Concentration while scooping the cookies onto trays and sliding them into the fridge, then finished the night online watching Walking On Sunshine. I go further into this British jukebox musical at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Walking On Sunshine

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