Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Sunshine Movers

Slept in a little bit today. Started things off with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. With all the changes in my life right now, I can certainly relate to "Daniel's Very Different Day." Dan's upset when he has to wear a trolley t-shirt instead of his red sweater and can't get the pink cupcakes he wanted for a picnic with Katerina. His father reminds him that things may change, but it's not so bad to do things a little differently sometimes. His whole class learns this during a "Class Trip to the Library" that gets curtailed when O the Owl's uncle X explains that they're repairing shelves and can't have the kids there. Teacher Harriett encourages the kids to create a classroom library and be their own librarians.

Switched to The Roku Channel for The Adventures of Paddington Bear. Paddington, his friend Mr. Gruber, and Judy and Johnathan Brown take a tour of a real manor in "Paddington and the Stately House," but Paddington's curiosity and discovery of secret passages constantly disrupts the guide. "The Opal of My Eye" takes Paddington and Mr. Gruber to Coober Pedy, Australia, the opal mining capitol of the world. Mr. Gruber's miner friend thinks his claim might be tapped out, but Paddington uses his nose - and his love of marmalade - to uncover a real treasure. He takes "Too Much Off the Top" when he helps a barber by giving an American tourist too much of a haircut. Good thing the fellow is interested in one of Mr. Gruber's antiques.

Switched to Split Second as I cleaned up from breakfast and made my grocery list. The lady in the glasses was clearly ahead the whole time, and she had no problem coming out on top in the Countdown Round. She decided to come back and try for the car again instead of taking a fur coat.

Headed out shortly after Split Second ended to hit the Acme. Took Uber again to avoid the heat. Ironically, while still hot, it's not quite as hot or as humid as it has been, and that wind is refreshing. No wonder the Acme was dead. I had no problems picking up the few things I needed. I loved that ahi tuna steak I had for dinner last week so much, I grabbed another one. Not only is there no toilet paper at the new apartment, but the roll at the Manor Avenue apartment likely won't last the month. I bought two small rolls for ten cents each that were leftover from the toilet paper panic in March and April. Restocked peanut butter, honey, milk, yogurt, and bananas. The Acme had a buy two, get one deal on most of their stationary. I was able to buy three sturdy binders for the CDs.

When I got home, I had a Berry-Banana Smoothie for lunch while watching Match Game episodes from 1976. The first one finished out the run for Gary Burghoff, Susan Howard, and Fannie Flagg with several military jokes revolving around an attractive Air Force recruiting officer. The officer continued her game in the next episode as cranky Joey Bishop, Arlene Francis of What's My Line?, and sweet Joyce Bulifant joined in.

Took my first load over to the apartment after the shows ended. I've taken most of the kitchen stuff over by now, so both loads today focused on things that'll go in closets. Brought the yoga mat, the bike pump, the bag with the legs for the wooden shoe rack, the very long vinyl bag with the Christmas wrapping supplies, and a bag with odds and ends from my bedroom. Threw everything into the bedroom closet or the hall closet as quickly as I could, then strolled back home, waving to my new next-door neighbors on my way. Brought back the two crates that didn't fit in Rose's car yesterday.

Did writing for the next few hours after I got in. Charles defends Richard with his sword, but Ira thinks he's a joke. He's a terrible swordsman and has no idea what he's doing...but the distraction gives the fairies a chance to snitch Gene's wand from the sheriff's pocket and return it to him. Ira calls the fairies "rainbow mosquitoes," which doesn't amuse fiery Debralee one bit!

After Rose called and told me she was helping Jodie with her TV today, I opted to take a second load over on my own. This time, I stuffed the bag with my out of season shoes into the carriage. The bin with the American Girl dolls' clothes and accessories and the bags with my Christmas wreath and Easter baskets went on top. Got there, threw the decorations into the hall closet and the bin into my bedroom closet, and was on my way. Both trips took less than an hour.

Returned to Match Game and made ahi tuna and zucchini with southwestern sauce for dinner when I got home. Joyce also finished out her run with Nipsey Russell and Rosemary Forsythe as Gene took a tumble that lead some folks to wonder if he'd been imbibing with the panel. (No. He apparently took some kind of medication and couldn't drink.) Gene had more luck in the next episode with Fannie, goofy Dick Martin, and squeaky-voiced Sarah Kennedy, giving the audience one more chance to get their call-back response to one of the questions right.

Cleaned the stove after I ate. I haven't scrubbed the inside in ages. This is the perfect opportunity. Even if I wasn't moving, it's so hot, it'll likely be weeks before I bake again. I even made my own cleaner with vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid. Seemed to do the job well enough.

Finished up as Sale of the Century came on. The young man from yesterday came up against two good players and bought the Instant Cash mini-game (and only got 100), but won in a very decisive speed round. I don't know if he won the bonus round. Pluto TV started glitching out at that point. I finally gave up and took a shower instead.

Ended the night after my shower with Luxury Liner. I go further into this fluffy sea-going musical from 1948 with Jane Powell at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Luxury Liner (1948)

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