Saturday, July 25, 2020

Keeping It Clean

Slept in again. By the time I really got rolling, Split Second was on. Had breakfast while watching the lady in the sweater from earlier in the week come from behind in the Countdown Round to win...and since it was her fifth day, win the car outright. Good. She was one of their best players and definitely deserved it.

Spent the rest of the morning writing. Charles rounds up the others, then goes to find Richard. He's being attended to by Gene and Lee. Ira bawls for everyone to shut up and do what they're told, but no one pays attention to him. Not only are the trolls on their way, but so's his boss...and Charles' best friend may be in danger...

Broke for lunch at 1:30. Watched Match Game while having a smoothie and a peanut butter and jam wrap. Charles gets to give Richard a kiss on his head for a good answer, while hosts Jack Narz and Gene Rayburn take offense to Brett's calling MCs "dummies" and the others joke with a soft-spoken French contestant.

Headed back to Manor Avenue at around quarter after 2. I really wanted to finish as much of the cleaning as I could. The refrigerator was defrosted, but the two old towels I put down to catch the water did nothing. I squished around a soaked carpet as I scrubbed the refrigerator inside and out and the square of linoleum between the living area and bedroom, wiped down the windows, and washed the blinds. I couldn't get the blinds out to wash them downstairs, so I tried to wipe them with that three-pronged plastic blind-washing gadget I bought a few years ago. I got enough done to haul all of the cleaning supplies but the Pine-Sol, Endust, a sponge, and a few dust rags to my new place. (And Charlie did fix the leaky pipe in the back.)

Made a tasty Italian Noodle Casserole with tri-color pasta, ground turkey, summer vegetables, and canned tomato sauce for dinner while watching Classic Concentration. While an older man failed to win a car, the woman who came after him did better, finally getting the right matches after two tries, along with a toy train she said her grandchildren would love.

Finished the night after a shower with Teen Beach Movie on Disney Plus. I go further into this cute Disney Channel spoof of the Beach Party movies of the 1960's at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Musicals On TV - Teen Beach Movie

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