Sunday, July 05, 2020

Independence From Perfection

Started off a hazy and hot morning with blueberry pancakes for breakfast and Buzzr. Today was Buzzr's "Red, White, and Bloopers" marathon. Every episode they ran today had some kind of glitch or gaffe. As I mentioned back in May, Match Game had more than its fair share, from a jammed turntable in 1977 that went the wrong way to the "magic toaster" that held Gene's questions forever sliding out of his reach. The nighttime syndicated shows could get even wilder. An episode in 1980 had cue card writer Roger Dobkowitz spell "parachute" wrong, then ended with Dick Martin chasing after Elaine Joyce in her slinky red dress.

Spent most of the day packing. I found plastic utensils I bought at Dollar Tree years ago; put them out and dropped the metal ones in the largest box Rose gave me yesterday, along with other kitchen supplies I won't need. The metal coffee can I kept my colored sugar and gel tints in was rusty and dirty. I cleared out any sugars that were almost empty and moved all my cake decorating supplies to a large plastic container. Loaded canned goods into a crate after I managed to yank the crate out from under the bed. (It was holding up the broken part of my bed frame. I arranged the one holding the other part of my bed frame so it could hold both.)

Made a blackberry smoothie during Match Game PM, then relaxed and worked on crocheting while watching Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour. This episode had one of the craziest glitches I ever saw on a game show. The Match Game segment was pretty normal. As soon as Hollywood Squares started, things went haywire. People teased Brian Stokes Mitchell about his giant flower and plant boutonniere, even giving him a giant plant in a pot. About half-way through the game, the X and O board stopped working. They made the panelists cross their arms or raise them over their heads in an "O" shape. Jay Leno in particular vociferously protested this, whining that he'd call his lawyer.

Worked on writing for a little while after the show ended. I was really tired from all the excitement yesterday and didn't do a whole lot. The frog is able to slide under the door out of the passageway and make sure there's no guards around. They find themselves back in the hall just outside the ballroom. Betty wants to confront Malade. The frog wants a kiss, but she brushes him off again. Charles is more concerned about finding a way to restore Brett's energy and magic.

Broke for leftovers at 6. Bert Convy was a genial host on Super Password, but he also had the habit of blurting out answers. He did it at least twice in 1985, including one episode where he got them so mixed up with his "party" answer, they didn't know where they were.

After dinner, I grabbed another box and loaded up the DVD holders and two of the boxes that fit, along with the film canister tin that stands on display with them. Moved sweaters out of a clear vinyl bag originally used for pillowcases and added most of the remaining folders and accordion holders I won't need in for the next few weeks. The sweaters went into my turquoise soft-sided suitcase, along with three smaller hangers.

Watched Family Feud as I packed the DVDs. I loved the late 80's-early 90's Ray Combs show as a kid, but I had no idea Richard Dawson hosted an earlier version until I got into Match Game. And I thought some of the contestants on Match Game had weird answers. One of the women in the Fast Money bonus round answered "Name the month of pregnancy when you first start to show." The lady said "September," rather than "first or second or third" or whatever. (Fourth was the most popular answer, by the way.) Richard literally fell over laughing. Her sister came out a few minutes later as Richard recovered...and set him off again when she answered "cuckoo" for a loud bird. It took him so long to recover, he insisted that the lady answer all the questions even though she ran out of time.

The second episode was almost as bad. It must have taken the families ten minutes to give the first answer for "Name a woman in history who was liberated long before Women's Lib." Richard, who for all his lady killer tendencies was a big advocate of women's rights, was especially annoyed. He was visibly relieved when someone finally blurted "Joan of Arc." They still only got two answers, though.

Finished the night with a couple more shows before the Match Game syndicated premieres on YouTube. Patty Duke showed off her Oscar-winning acting skills with her uncommon ability to get puzzles right on the first clue on Password Plus. Poor Debralee Scott didn't get nearly that lucky. She blurted out the final password on the end of an Alphabetics bonus round the lady was otherwise winning. Debralee was so upset, she got up and briefly hid behind the set before Allen Ludden coxed her back.

The Christmas episode of the 1978 Card Sharks had a Hispanic contestant who did very well, blasting through two women challenges despite problems with the board. The problem in Let's Make a Deal was less glitches and more the dealers weren't that great. Almost no one won anything, including at least two turning down cars.

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