Thursday, July 02, 2020

The Heat Is On

Started off the morning with breakfast and Split Second. Though the female champ was behind before the Countdown Round, she came from behind at the last minute and got her answers first. She ended up taking a Paris vacation instead of the car. The mother/daughter pair just keeps rolling on Blockbusters. The first woman they played fared better than the second, winning her first round, but they still pulled through; the girl only missed one question on the Gold Rush bonus round.

Watched some of The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour before heading out around 11:30.  I didn't really have much laundry, but I wanted to get it done today before people start thinking about the holiday. I picked the right time to come. There was one other person when I got in. The humidity and heat may have scared some folks off, too. I still went down to Family Dollar to buy new dry erase markers and a journal, then sat outside in the shade and worked on story notes.

Folded laundry when I got home, then had lunch and did a few things around the apartment. Packed up all of the remaining pots and pans but the frying pans and cookie sheets I'll likely use in the next few weeks. Put some more soft items in bags, including the lumberjack-check flannel blanket from the chair in the music area.

Watched Stage Door Canteen while I worked. I go further into this World War II salute to the popular hang-out for sailors at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Stage Door Canteen

By the time Tattletales was on, I'd switched to working on my crocheted pillowcase.  Happily married dancers Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce came from behind to be the big winners today, much to the delight of the banana (yellow) section! Press Your Luck got a new champ when a sweet old lady just kept hitting big money amounts during the second half, along with a Hong Kong vacation, and only encountered one Whammy.

Worked on writing for the next few hours. Brett is about to kiss her husband Jack (Klugman) who has been turned into a statue when an old lady appears, carrying sweet red apples on her arm. Brett and Charles realize that there's something wrong with (and familiar about) this woman the moment they see her. She throws fire at Charles, chasing him up a tree, and finally forces Brett to eat the apple. The second she swallows a piece, she falls to the ground, drained of her magic and even older than she already is. Charles watches in horror as Malade gloats over the fallen woman...but the wicked queen has even worse plans for her...

Broke dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game. With George having been defeated by a sweet young woman in the previous episode, the panelists now have to deal with her challenger, a rather humorless older man who didn't really seem to understand most of the questions. The woman champ on Sale of the Century had a harder time today with a man and another lady, but still blasted through the speed round, won a pearl necklace, and won money on the bonus round.

Finished the night with Charlie's Angels. The Roku Channel now features seasons 1, 4, and 5. I went with another episode from season 1 before that vanishes, "Bulls-Eye." After a WAC is killed during basic training, Jill and Kelly join the Army and Sabrina becomes a nurse to root out the culprit. While Jill and Kelly are stuck being ordered around by a nasty drill sergeant, Sabrina has her own questions about the doctor on duty (Robert Pine).

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