Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hot Harvest

Began the day with breakfast and several cartoons. Daniel Tiger and his family goes on a "Tiger Family Trip" to visit Grandpere in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. They're delighted with everything they can do and see, from play on a dinosaur-themed playground to watch butterflies flit around a garden...but Daniel is happiest when they arrive and he can be with his beloved Grandpere.

Switched to The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That while doing the dishes. The kids want to build sandcastles in their sandbox, but there isn't enough room for both of them. The Cat takes them to the desert to meet Carmela the Camel, who teaches them how to have "A Plan for Sand." "Whale Music" has Humphrey the Humpbacked Whale teaching Nick and Sally how he uses his "Whale Music" to communicate with other whales...and what to do about the final note in a song for their mothers they've been having trouble with.

Did a few things online, then headed out to run errands. Ugh. Though it was a bit cloudy for most of the day, it was also hot and murderously humid. Good thing I needed to go to WaWa first for money anyway. I also bought a tart Watermelon Slushie.

Despite it being quarter after 11 when I got there, the Farm Market was the busiest I've seen it yet. They were also the biggest I've seen it. There were so many vendors today, they had to move some of them into the parking lot behind the office building/former school to maintain social distancing. Saw potatoes and tomatoes for the first time this season. Most farmers are complaining that it's been so hot, their wares won't ripen. I was able to pick up strawberries, cherries, peaches, a tomato, and a cucumber.

Took the long way home via Newton Lake Park. I guess I wasn't the only one who had stuff to do outside today. Dodged a lot of people out for a walk with friends or their dogs, or riding bikes with friends or siblings. At least the park looks better. It was looking really dry and crunchy for a while, but two major rain days in the past week or so has really perked up the flora and made the trees look more green.

Went straight home this time. I wanted to get out of the heat, and I didn't like the look of the heavy clouds. (Never did rain, though.) Put everything away, then watched Match Game episodes from earlier in the week while eating a quick lunch of yogurt, fruit, and blue corn chips.

I had thought of taking a few things to the new apartment after lunch, but that farm market walk wore me out. I opted for a nap instead. Slept from 2 until past 4 and felt at least somewhat better afterwards.

Didn't have much time to recover from my nap. Less than five minutes after I woke up, the phone rang. It was Rose. I intended to call her tonight anyway. She told me she and her kids would be coming over to pick up more boxes from my apartment, and that she wanted me to start unpacking boxes. They'd already brought over the futon from their house. Between the boxes and the futon, the living room was getting pretty full.

I'd no sooner finished dressing and starting to pull out boxes than Rose arrived with Khai and Finley in tow. She and Khai brought two more loads of boxes and crates to my apartment while I kept an eye on Finley. Fin got to show me her Cabbage Patch Baby Mia and her mini kid's iPad with cute paper doll and puzzle games.

After the second load, we all went over. I shelved almost everything that went in the kitchen but the pans, dishes, and food I'm still using and the two boxes that were in the bathroom while Jodie watched the kids and Rose brought over furniture. I'm not going to be able to do anything about the books or other media until all my shelves are there. They did bring the CD rack the Wildwood Acme gave me when they shut down to be remodeled in 2005, the dolls' clothing rack, and the two narrow Ikea table-shelves. It looks like the record crates will probably be stacked in the giant living room closet; the books will mostly go in my room, except the ones revolving around media.

Rose suggested putting window clings on the big front window in my bedroom instead of curtains, so I won't have to buy them. Great, except...I like the view out my windows. Maybe I can only put them up at night when I need privacy. I'd still like to put up some kind of a curtain on the bedroom and kitchen/living room windows, even just valances. For some reason, there's two doors that lead to the bathroom. Rose dropped my Acme rack in front of the bathroom to living room door, pointing out that I only need one, and it gives me more room.

It was almost 8 PM by the time I got home. I ate a very quick leftovers dinner, then went online to watch Fun and Fancy Free on Disney Plus. I go further into this Disney anthology featuring "Bongo" and "Mickey and the Beanstalk" at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Animation Celebration Saturday - Fun and Fancy Free

Finished the night checking out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Plus. We're not the only ones experiencing a heat wave right now. Mickey and the others are complaining about the clubhouse being killer hot, too. They're invited to "Pete's Beach Blanket Luau" on Star Lake to cool off. They first have to clean up trash and recycling on the beach, then find the coolest place to park their gear, then figure out how to make waves, so Donald can go surfing.


Linda said...

My two cents: Does the new apartment have A/C? If so, curtains are a must or in the summer the A/C bill will kill your budget. If not, curtains still cut down on the sunlight and the heat that will accumulate. Definitely heavy curtains in the bedroom so you can sleep. You also need curtains wherever your windows face west and south. But I would say don't bother with curtain rods you have to mount. Go to Walmart and get the spring tension ones. Less expensive. Window clings are good for blurring vision. You could put these up on any windows you want light but need privacy. Make sure you have a clear window you can see out to see who is at the front door. This way you don't open the door to anyone you don't know.

Emma said...

Yeah, we did decided we'd be getting some kind of curtains along with the clings. The apartment has central air conditioning - Jodie and Dad are in charge of that - but Jodie told me that the previous tenants (her son and his wife) said that the front room did get a little warmer than the living room/kitchen in the summer.