Monday, July 13, 2020

Between Two Worlds

Started off the day with breakfast and the tail end of What's My Line? I came in just as they were going to guess the Mystery Guest. They didn't come close to recognizing the voice of pianist and big-band leader Peter Duchin. Sale of the Century went back to the 1985 episodes. A woman bought a bargain and still came through in the end. She opted to come back when she heard the next prize was a Beverly Hills shopping spree.

Headed out around 9:30. I wanted to focus on organizing the kitchen and closets while they're getting that rug, so I brought over the yarn bag and a couple of boxes with supplies. I also brought my old CD/cassette player. The CD part skips, but it works well enough, and unlike the newer three-piece CD player, it has a handle. I listened to the first couple songs on the Grease 2 soundtrack as I shelved everything and dropped the yarn bag in the hall closet. Thankfully, the junk someone dumped in the hall closet as far back as Dana and Jesse living there had mostly been cleared out, except for one piece of heavy blue fabric.

Was surprised to run into Craig as I was heading back to my current apartment for a second round. He apparently agreed to trim the edges on the lawn for Jodie while she visited Dad. He admitted that yes, he pulled the junk out of the closet. (He thought the cloth might have been mine and left it. I'll deal with it later.) Was nice enough to drive me home, cart and all.

I returned 20 minutes later with the small box of my oldest and most recent journals (the bags with the other journals are too big and heavy for the cart), the Solo: A Star Wars Story poster, the pillow for one of the dining area chairs (Khai sat on it while he worked on his stop/go sign), and the box with the spices and cocoa and bottle of olive oil I packed yesterday. I also dug the box of Sailor Moon dolls and a real Little League baseball out of the stuff I intended to donate. I thought Finley and Khai would appreciate them more.

It took me longer to haul this load than the previous one. The box of journals and the kitchen supplies box were heavy, the wind tried to blow the poster away, and I kept dropping the box with the dolls. Craig wasn't around when I finally arrived. I left the box with the dolls on the patio and took everything else inside. Finished off Grease 2 as I loaded the kitchen things into the cabinets, dropped the pillow on the chair, and left the box of journals in the closet in my room. Since the tall cabinet was now in the corner, I loaded the rest of the pans from that giant box on the shelves.

Found Craig working on the edges as I made my way down the flagstone walkway to the apartment. Was able to hand him the box before heading off on my way. Whew, it was a hot one! Hot, heavy, and humid. Even that wind didn't really help. I don't know how Charles and Willa were able to work on weeding and mulching the side garden alongside the walkway to my place without dying.

Had lunch when I got in. Watched the tail end of Match Game as I ate. In this episode from 1976, Fannie Flagg once again ogled a handsome contestant, while Gary Burhgoff took a tumble to parody then-President Ford's notorious clumsiness.

Switched to Molly of Denali as I packed up the empty crate I brought home with the food processor, the basket that's usually on the table, and a few other things. Tooey and Molly dare each other to check out an old house, but they end up having to go to the bathroom instead. Molly's dad is working on the plumbing and says to use the outhouse or the bathroom in the bunkhouse, but there's a strange noise coming from the washing machine in the bunkhouse! Molly and Tooey investigate...and discover that a "Bird In the Hand" is nothing to be afraid of. Molly and her gal buddy Trini are both big bird enthusiasts and are thrilled when a student studying puffins takes them with her to observe them. They're less happy when they have to say "Bye Bye, Birdie" and see the baby puffins jump off a cliff.

Spent the rest of the afternoon online. I was able to renew my disability after a few problems with my passwords, but I couldn't get a hold of Dr. Ramerez's office. When I did get them, I got an answer machine. I left a message. If I don't hear from them by tomorrow or Thursday afternoon, I'll try again. It took me forever, but I did manage to figure out how to cancel Comcast online. They said they'd call in the next two days to confirm.

Worked on writing after I finished with Comcast. To Charles' horror, Ira is able to wear Richard down and get him on the ground. He's about to yank the Brit's hood off when another champion steps forward. To everyone's surprise, including his own, Charles takes Richard's sword and jumps in front of him. Trouble is, he's no fencer and has no idea what he's doing....

Broke for scrambled eggs with farm market-fresh vegetables and cheese for dinner while watching the earlier Match Game episodes from 1974. The first one had Richard taking notice when a young contestant talked eagerly about her single status. Fannie Flagg showed off a weird t-shirt with a woman's face on it in the second.

Rose called around quarter of 5. She and Craig wanted to bring over some furniture. They were already going to visit Jodie to help her set up her new entertainment center for the TV in the den. She called again 20 minutes later and said they were going out to McDonald's and couldn't bring furniture, but we could take some boxes over. I finished my scrambled eggs and hastily threw things from the antique dresser and the dry sink onto the music area coffee table, then dug the box with Wicked Lady out of one of the Goodwill bins in the back room.

They finally picked me up around 6. We were only there for an hour, long enough for Rose and Craig to help Jodie move her furniture into place. I put on the Frozen soundtrack for Finley as I unpacked more kitchen supplies. She was more interested in running around and trying to figure out what the giant yellow foam half-circle hat-thing someone left in my bedroom was. (Turned out it had been left in the hall closet. Something else I'll toss later.)

I was dead tired when we got home. Flopped on the loveseat when I got in and barely moved for the next hour. We had a new champ on Sale of the Century, a young man who just barely got a win in the bonus round, thanks to a Fame Game money card and not having bought anything earlier. He just barely missed the bonus round money in the last second. The female contestant in the 70's version of Concentration really cleaned up, winning at least four prizes each round and guessing the puzzle with only half the board cleared in one case. She had no luck with winning the car in either bonus round, though.

Finished the night with the Jerry Lewis comedy Cinderfella at Hulu. Fella (Lewis) is the sole servant for his haughty stepmother (Judith Anderson) and her spoiled sons Maximilian (Henry Silva) and Rupert (Robert Hutton). She's banking on Maximilian to romance the lovely Princes Charmat (Anna Marie Alberghetti) and make a wealthy match, as they're in dire financial straits. Their other option is to try to find out from the sleeping Fella where his father hid his fortune. Fella is content with his life until his fairy godfather (Ed Wynn) arrives and says he could become not just "people," but a "person." When Fella falls for the princess the moment he sees her, his fairy godfather provides him with the fancy outfit that allows him to go to his stepmother's ball. It's Charmat, however, who reminds Fella that it doesn't matter if one is "people" or a "person," or where they come from or how they dress. What matters is how they treat others and feel about each other.

Cute idea, kind of a less chemical-driven and slapstick-y variation on The Nutty Professor. Lewis has some nice moments, especially when dancing with the princess at the ball, and Wynn is a lot of fun as his slightly exasperated magical caretaker. Too much time is spent on chatty plot points and talking between his family members, though, and Alberghetti is in the movie so little, you really can't understand why she and Fella fall for each other so quickly. Ok if you're a big fan of Lewis or want to see a somewhat unique variation on Cinderella.

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