Friday, July 17, 2020

Dog and Kid Show

Began the morning with breakfast and Supermarket Sweep. Really exciting one this morning. It was an early 2000's episode, meaning one Mini-Sweep in the beginning, a guess-the-price of the items game in the middle, and a wild sweep with everyone trying to remember the individual bread list David gave them. In a rare turn of events, the third couple won the Big Sweep by a long shot. They got stuck on the first riddle in the bonus round, though, and didn't get close to finding the 5,000.

The contestants did better in Split Second. This time, they were a lot more evenly matched. One of the women won the Coundown Round, but she missed the car in the bonus round and opted to return.

Headed out around 10:30 for my first errand run of the day. Wanted to pick up the few remaining things I could carry in my cart. I realized this morning when I did the dishes that I forgot the Tupperware under the kitchen sink. Brought the Tupperware, the remaining cereal bowl, the magnetic cork message holder for the front of the fridge, the bamboo cutting board, a shelf that slid out of one of the book shelves, and the other bag of journals.

(Incidentally, this now truly clears out the kitchen and the bathroom. I'll go back and check, but I don't think there's anything left in either. I got rid of an old plastic colander, the dish rack and dish rack holder, and the dish pan. They're all old, dirty, and rusty. Been meaning to replace them. Everything else is bins, furniture, coats, and one big box of books, though we still need to figure out what to do with the Goodwill items and the furniture I don't want.)

It was past 11 when I went down to West Clinton to order lunch. Phillies Phatties was so dark, I thought they weren't open, until I saw a guy in a mask making pizza. Ordered a large half-cheese, half-mushroom pie and a bottle of Pepsi and was on my way, dodging a couple of pre-teen boys on bikes looking for lunch.

Watched the second half of The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour as I put everything away, cleared off the left side of the table, and made my bed. I'd no sooner gotten my pizza and soda from the delivery guy than I heard a knock. Craig was on the other side with Finley and two bags. One held my new bright-yellow futon cover that he zipped on immediately. The other was a tool bag. I'd asked him to remove the doors to the closet in my bedroom. They make it harder to get to my dresser, and they swing when you push them despite being sliding doors. The kids have already pushed them several times. I don't want anyone getting hurt.

Jessa showed up with her black shizu-tzu/terrier mix puppy Midnight while Craig worked on the door. Finley kept chasing him all around my tiny apartment! She was playing with my stuffed Star Wars toys, and then Midnight decided they were his squeaky toys and tried to bite them. Thankfully, Rey and the Hallmark Itty Bitty Han Solo weren't chewed. (I washed them in the sink later.)

Midnight settled down after Finley and Craig left for their lunch. Jessa and I spent a pleasant two hours watching Match Game, Classic Concentration, and the original mid-60's Password and eating pizza. We chatted about my move, her new job, the changes wrought by the virus, Dad being in the hospital, and Lauren's decision to not visit this year.

I asked Jessa to drop me off at Manor Avenue on her way home. There was one last thing I could bring to the new apartment myself. Jodie said I could keep my bike in their garage, and I wanted to get it out of everyone's way. Despite it not having being ridden in two months, I had no trouble wheeling it down the street and over to Hillcrest.

As soon as I left the bike in the garage, I grabbed my cart and went right back out. Wanted to run to Dollar General and see if they had any of the things I couldn't find at Family Dollar yesterday. They didn't...but it turned out to be just as well. Rose called while I was in the store. We could pick up anything else I needed, including a second rug, from Burlington Coat Factory tomorrow afternoon. Just picked up a Bai coconut drink and my favorite pecan roll and was on my way.

Went online for a much-needed rest and writing work when I got in. Charles figures out that he'll never beat Ira by fighting his he goes to Clifton and the others and ask them to play silly music. He does a comic dance around Ira's attempt to skewer him, distracting the laughing guards enough for them to free Lee and Gene.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Settled for a berry-banana smoothie while watching the end of Match Game. Annoyed with Gene about being fussed over his shoes, Charles put his feet up on his desk towards the end of the episode. Sale of the Century crowned a new champ today. A young woman who had befriended a friend's children was the clear winner, buying an Instant Bargain, walloping everyone in the speed round, and having no trouble at all with the bonus round.

Finished the night with Concentration and my first batch of cookies made in the new apartment. Kept things simple with Peanut Butter-No Bake Cookies. They were tasty but a bit crumbly. I don't think they held their shape as well as my previous Coconut-Lime-Honey Cookies.


Linda said...

I haven't had much luck finding anything dishpan-sized at the dollar stores. You might brave Walmart. Otherwise I noticed nice Rubbermaid dishpans on Amazon. We have one; they last forever.

What's the square footage on your new place? Your new one sounds like the nice little apartment my cousins Debbie and Richard put on their house for their daughter before she was married. It had a bedroom big enough for a double bed (with closet), a long narrow bathroom, a linen closet, and then a combo living/dining/kitchen area. We stayed it in once; it was quite cute.

Emma said...

Your description of the apartment is actually pretty accurate, except the bathroom is wide instead of long and narrow. It's big enough that some shelves may end up there.

Linda said...

If you have narrow spaces only, like a foot wide, there's a set of shelving at Ikea that might suit you. They are not expensive; they were actually originally made for CDs. It's called a Gnedby. I put paperbacks in them, but they could also hold toiletries, or anything small.