Wednesday, July 01, 2020

The Verdict Is Again...

Started off a late morning with breakfast and The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That. The Cat and the kids are "Chasing Rainbows" when the kids want to find out how you make a rainbow. A king obsessed with color asks them to catch one for him, but it's a lot harder than they think to pin down a rainbow! Cluey Louie, a detective, teaches the kids how to "Follow the Prints" and find their strawberry and his hat.

Switched to two Match Game episodes from 1974 after I ate. Gene showed off his spiffy new pair of shoes in the first episode, which Bobby Van said looked "just like his dancing shoes." Charles had a gift of a (hand drawn) candelabra for the contestant in the second episode after Richard won her enough money to buy a piano.

Spent the next hour taking down the remaining posters and pictures. I'll eventually buy frames for the two Monkees posters, the Solo: A Star Wars Story half-poster Jessa gave me a while back, and the sepia screenshot from The African Queen. The ripped and faded Star Wars posters and First Wives Club poster from college went in the recycling. I wanted to keep the beautiful watercolor Romancing the Stone poster, but it fell apart when I took it down. That one wasn't new when I found it at a yard sale more than twenty years ago. I was still in high school when I bought that one!

(The only things left on the walls are the calendars and the framed print of a Jaq and Gus sequence from the Disney Cinderella. I'll need the calendars, and the frame on the print is heavy! They'll be among the last things to go.)

Charlie came up as Classic Concentration began and I was looking up how to fix a hole in the wall. I wasn't originally going to ask him to put in the air conditioner, since I'm moving in a month...but it gets too hot up here to go without it. I rushed out the door as he was working on installing it, quickly dropping my last rent check for Willa in their mailbox on the way to the curb.

The Uber driver took longer to arrive than I'd hoped, but at least the drive wasn't a problem. I was only about four minutes late for my appointment. This time, I went straight to the x-ray table. After they took the x-rays, I went back to the doctor's room. Dr. Ramrerez came in ten minutes later and told me the elbow is healing the way it should...but that means I'll need to be off work for another month. I got a letter explaining things for the Acme, checked out, made an appointment for three weeks from today, and was on my way in less than an hour.

Took Uber down the Black Horse Pike to the Acme. Figured I might as well give them the note now while I have it. Good thing the manager who does the schedule was the one on duty this afternoon. I don't need to do a lot of grocery shopping - I'm trying not to buy a lot of stuff I have to carry to the new house - but I did need a few things. Restocked bananas (some of the last regular bananas they had), milk, yogurt, cereal, peanut butter, and conditioner. Had one of the bananas, a multi-grain croissant, and a sparkling water for a very quick lunch before I went home.

Went into writing as soon as I got home (and basked in the full-blast air conditioner). Brett and Charles dash downstairs to the rock garden together. Charles is worried that Malade may still be after her, but Brett is too concerned about saving her husband to worry. She's about to kiss the craggy-faced statue in the garden when a bent, aged figure toddles into the Charles fears a great deal...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftover chicken and snap peas while watching more Match Game. Gene shows off a beautiful pocket watch Richard gave him, while that young man just keeps rolling on through contestants, winning another 5,000 from Rich. The female champ on Sale of the Century also kept rolling, buying two Instant Bargains, flattening everyone in the speed round, and getting the bonus money with time to spare.

Finished the night with a couple of sitcom episodes. The first two seasons of Benson are now on The Roku Channel. My sisters and I were big fans of Benson and the show it spun off from, Soap, when we were really little. Benson (Robert Gulliaume) is the sensible head of the household for a forgetful, goofy governor  (James Noble) and his little daughter Katie (Missy Gold). In "Power Play" from the first season, a mysterious Zorro-like environmentalist leaves dead fish in the mansion's lobby and sludge at the capitol building. While Governor Gatiling's chief of staff John Taylor (Lewis J. Stadlen) tries to figure out who's giving the man inside info, Benson and Gatilling's secretary Marcy (Caroline McWilliams) talk to the man and try to get him to see the governor.

Felix Unger (Tony Randall) and Oscar Madison (Jack Klugman) have their own dreams of previous times and places in "Our Fathers" from season 4 of The Odd Couple. Felix claims that his father, an optometrist, knew Jack's father, who ran a speakeasy in Chicago in the Roaring 20's. Jack's father got both of them into trouble when his mobster boss sent a hitman after them!

Finished the night at Hulu with The Dick Van Dyke Show in honor of Carl Reiner, who died yesterday. "Racy Tracy Rattigan" (Richard Dawson) is a handsome British rogue who is hosting the show while Alan Brady is on vacation. Unlike Alan, he flirts with every woman in firing range, including Laura. He flirts a little too much with Laura when visiting Rob's house to work on the show, leading Rob to dump champagne on him!

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