Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Rushed Move

Got a quick start today with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. This is the first time I've gotten to see this show in full. It started off with Gary Moore so enamored by two pinball machines, he couldn't be bothered to greet his panelists! (Kitty Carlisle still snuck a kiss in, though.) The creator of the pinball machines was easy to spot; as Peggy Cass said, he was "the greatest philosopher since Aristotle" when it came to his beloved machines. (He said he works for Bally Manufacturing, which still exists as Bally Technologies.) The panel also had no problems spotting the man who spoke with passion about the beautiful artwork he'd done for postage stamps.

Things went equally well for the panelists on What's My Line? Meredith MacRae got the first one, a man who designed a simulator to teach people to sail. Arlene Francis figured out that the female contestant created a kit that made wine. (I know a lot of people around here who would want that one.) They mystery guest was Burl Ives; appropriately, fellow singer Mel Torme guessed him right.

Rose arrived promptly at 9 with Craig and Khai in tow. They hefted the antique dresser I use for odds and ends like my tools, the dresser, the dry sink, and a couple of boxes and a crate. The dresser wound up being a tight fit in the kitchen and may not stay there. My bedroom closet is so big, the dresser easily fit in it. (The dry sink went back to Jodie. I like it, but it won't fit in here, and I really don't need it anymore.)

I also got a scolding from Rose about having brought so much stuff with me and not letting go of more. There's a lot of dust and spider egg sacs under the shelves, too. I have a hard time explaining to her that, first of all, I live alone. It's not easy for me to pick up and dust under a lot of my furniture. Second, I did get rid of stuff! There's a huge pile sitting in the back room.

Ended up clearing out the older flower-print dishes. I've had them since college, and while the cups and bowls are in decent shape, all of the plates are chipped and cracked. I'm fine with the Fiestaware. In fact, I wouldn't mind getting more, or something similar. Loaded the cookbooks on top of the cabinets, too.

Headed back to the Manor Avenue apartment just as the first set of Match Game episodes were winding down. I let the first episode of Classic Concentration run as I had yogurt, peanut butter, and fruit for lunch. Both contestants did amazingly well today. The lady missed the car but got a vacation to Singapore she really wanted. The man got the car with seconds to spare.

Spent the next hour packing up the rest of my bathroom and kitchen. Threw everything left in the bathroom, including my toothbrush, into a small box. Used the box for the old dishes to pack the Fiestaware and a smaller blue box for glasses and the remaining mug. Loaded everything else into a milk crate and one of the wooden crates I snared from the North Cape May Acme years ago. After I finished, I sprawled on the bed, resting my feet and intending to pack up a few things, then do some writing.

I only got to packing. Rose called around 2. I'd mentioned sleeping at the new apartment tonight. Could I pack all the things I'd need to sleep there? She, Craig, and Khai were on their way over. Yikes! I didn't expect them until 4 at the earliest. I rushed around, frantically packing as much as I could. The TV and Roku fit into one bag, the bed linens and stuffed animals in another. Grabbed the laundry bag, basket, and detergent to get that done tomorrow. After they came the first time, I threw the remaining food into a bag and a Styrofoam cooler. Stuffed my shoes, pajamas, journal, crocheting project, and various odds and ends into my backpack. Grabbed the lamps and remote controls, too.

Everything was in my apartment by 3:30. The guys set my oak shelf and the mattress from my bed, along with the things I packed, in my bedroom and the coffee table in the living room. (I'm not keeping the bed. The frame is broken.) Rose stayed to get the cable working with my old TV. I don't really like cable. There was only one channel I had any interest in, and it took me ten minutes to find it. (No one person really needs 500 channels.)

Let Card Sharks and Match Game run in the background as I put everything away. My new refrigerator is huge! Items that took up the whole refrigerator back at home now barely took any room at all. All the fruit and vegetables fit in the crisper, and the freezer barely had anything. The medicine cabinet isn't close to being full, either. Made the bed and pulled out at least one bag of stuffed animals to keep me company tonight. Put appliances away as Jackie Joseph asked Gene to sign her tongue depressor and Richard Dawson started a riot when the judge didn't match his answer of "friend" and "girlfriend."

By the time the 1977 episodes of Match Game were on, I was starved. I tried to order Phillies Phatties for dinner online again, but I couldn't remember my password, and then, for some reason, they kept insisting my e-mail address wasn't a "real" address, even though it's the same e-mail address I've used for almost 20 years. Ended up having Star Wars chicken soup and cucumber-tomato salad for dinner.

Briefly went outside and chatted with Jodie and some of the mothers in the neighborhood after dinner. Jodie sadly mentioned Dad had a setback and won't be home tomorrow. The moms and one dad watched a little boy chase his baby brother around the front lawn.

Watched Sale of the Century while I ate. The contestants all did really well tonight. The woman bought a fancy diamond and ruby ring for her engagement; the champ picked up a refrigerator he said he really needed and tried his luck at the Instant Cash, In the end, not only did the champ win by one question in the speed round, but got through the bonus round with one second left, too.

Finished the night with various TV shows online. The first and fifth seasons of Hart to Hart are now on The Roku Channel. "Does She or Doesn't She?" is the question asked by the wealthy clients of popular hair stylist Barry. Jennifer loves how he does her hair, but she's more than a little worried when a woman suddenly rushes in and shoots up his salon. She and Johnathan jump into action to investigate a loan shark who is using Barry's salons to blackmail his rich customers.

Did two episodes of Cheers on Hulu. "Tan n' Wash" is Norm's newest business venture, a combination laundromat and tanning salon. The others all jump in with their money, then regret it when a heat wave hurts their business. Meanwhile, Diane is dating a man to make Sam jealous, but he's trying not to show it. "The Boys In the Bar" from the first season has Sam receive a major shock when he learns that a close friend and teammate from his baseball days has come out of the closet.


Linda said...

We don't like anything on the lower tiers of channels, either, which is why we pay so much for satellite. All our favorite channels--Smithsonian, National Geographic, National Geographic Wild, Animal Planet, American Heroes, Science Channel, etc.--are on the upper tiers. We like the history programming (History Channel shows so little history anymore!), the vet shows, the game warden shows, programs like that. A&E and TLC and the lower-tier channels show junk anymore.

Emma said...

All I need is Buzzr, TCM, the cartoon channels, and anything that shows older sitcom re-runs. Anything else I could get online.