Monday, July 20, 2020

Having a Heat Wave

Began the morning with breakfast and Buzzr. I'd seen the To Tell the Truth episode with the three women who claimed to write a book on cleaning the oceans before, but What's My Line? was new to me. Meredith MacRae finally guessed that the first man sold camping backpacks, but no one realized the lady was one of the first State Troopers in Pennsylvania. The Mystery Guest was Darren McGavin, best known to most people nowadays as Ralphie's "old man" in A Christmas Story.

Made my grocery list while Sale of the Century was on. This was my first grocery trip in my new home. I have a much larger refrigerator to fill! Tried calling Rose to see what she was doing after Supermarket Sweep started, but she was at work. (She called later. In addition to being at work, it's just too hot to move anything today.)

Called Uber as the Big Sweep wound down, but they took 20 minutes to show and stopped at the wrong house. I didn't see them until almost 5 minutes after they arrived! At least there were no other problems and no traffic in Oaklyn or on the Black Horse Pike.

Grocery shopping was a lot easier. Everyone must have been hiding from the 98 degree heat in air conditioning, their pools, or down at the Shore. Had a free online coupon for eggs and a much smaller one for Acme's generic ice cream. Chicken parts are still cheap; grabbed a pack of legs. Since ground turkey was on sale, I decided to have tacos for dinner and bought soft taco shells. (The hard ones are too messy for me.) Restocked cereal (went with shredded wheat), peaches, bananas, yogurt, peanut butter, apricot preserves, milk, and low-salt canned diced tomato, black beans, and chick peas.

 Of course, just as I finished and was calling to go home, my phone died. What was I going to do? I couldn't get through to Uber, and everyone I knew was at the hospital or work. I ended up getting a ride home from a manager on lunch who used to live in Oaklyn and knows the area pretty well.

Had a quick banana-berry-basil smoothie and peanut butter-jelly bar lunch while watching Match Game. Lots of girdle jokes early-on here, including from the contestant. Later, Charles and Brett fussed at each other's answers on a Jeckyl-and-Hyde question.

Let Buzzr run in the background as I did the dishes and resumed unpacking. Switched the wider black shelf at the door to Dad and Jodie's house with the narrower brown one. The art supplies went on two of the shelves in the entertainment center, where the kids could get at them. Put the boxes of photos and the board games on the top shelf in the living room (and found three of Dana's old college papers). The two Frisbees were all I had left of my outdoor toys; they went in my full hall closet. The self-help books went back on top of my desk, where they were before.

Rose came in as Super Password started. The prognosis for Dad isn't looking good. He'll come home on Wednesday, but he's not expected to last the week. She kept saying not to be shocked, but...I knew when he ended up in the hospital, it was likely all over. Rose also reminded me to bring the mountain of boxes accumulating on the patio outside to the curb. Oh, I wouldn't forget. I didn't want to see them stacked there, either.

Finished shelving the photo books and board games as Press Your Luck wound down. One lady got close, but in the end, Friday's champion came through. She did even better today, winning a pool table and an Orlando vacation to go with her money.

Tried to do some writing after the show ended, despite being incredibly tired. The others join Charles, dancing with the crowd and distracting them while he dodges Ira. The angry sheriff eventually gets spun into the dessert table, sending cakes and pies flying everywhere. He screams for the trolls...but Charles has his own army, of sorts...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Made my tacos with sliced tomato and Asian green beans while watching the last Match Game showing of the day. Ron Pallilo of Welcome Back, Kotter and a pair of Pattys, Duke and Deustch, joined Gene and the regulars for jokes about cow manure and an Audience Match involving "Dr. ___."

It was finally cool enough for me to take out the boxes and the plastic recycling during Sale of the Century. Jodie called during dinner to remind me, too. She was there when I dragged out four huge stacks of boxes in all shapes and sizes. Took out some trash, too, and consolidated that.

Finished the night after a shower with the Match Game syndicated premiere and the 1921 silent version of The Three Musketeers on YouTube. The first of Douglas Fairbanks Sr.'s big costume adventures has him as D'Artangan fighting the schemes of the Cardinal Richeleu (Nigel De Bruller) with the help of Athos (Leon Bary), Porthos (George Siegmann), and Aramis (Eugene Pallatte). It moves a bit faster than his later costume tales, and other than condensing some characters, actually sticks to the book pretty well. Recommended for fans of swashbucklers, Fairbanks, or early cinema.


Linda said...

Moving is always tiring, even when it's a positive move. Do you have to break down the boxes there, too, or can you leave them whole? Here if we trash boxes we have to break them down first.

Emma said...

Thankfully, you can leave them whole. They're not picky. ;)