Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Shattered Heat

I slept so late today, by the time I was having breakfast, the first round of Match Game was running on Buzzr. In these episodes from 1976, the young woman contestant wore a whistle around her neck to call for help, but Gene kept grabbing at it and blowing on it. The first show also demonstrated just how fed up Richard was getting by this point after he and producer and judge Ira Skutch got into an argument over the differences between a life vest and a life preserver.

Headed out around quarter after 1 to run errands. Wanted to take some smaller boxes and bags to the new place on my own. Grabbed the boxes in my bedroom with the Star Wars action figures and the desk supplies, the Muppet bag with the Star Wars 12-inch figures and stuffed dolls, the clear vinyl bag with the accordion folders, the key-shaped wooden key holder I used to hold my headbands, and the metallic red vase Keefe gave me for Christmas almost 15 years ago.

I didn't have too many problems getting everything to Hillcrest. The vinyl bag kept slipping and I had to hold onto the vase, but I stayed on the road to reduce bumping. I was even careful when I pushed the cart over the segment of the road they still haven't finished yet.

I'd just pulled it onto the sidewalk and was starting down to the apartment when the vase slid off the top of the Muppet bag and crashed onto the ground! I couldn't believe it. First of all, I thought that vase was made of metal, not breakable stone, or I would have wrapped it. Second, I loved that vase. I was so upset! And I don't think I could get the pieces together again, either. Couldn't even clean all of them off the sidewalk. I didn't have a broom on me.

(Jodie called later and said a neighbor saw me crying on the sidewalk. I told her to warn the lady about the mess still left there.)

After all that (and a lot of shoving on the front door), I did manage to get everything else into the apartment. The living room floor was lined with the boxes and suitcase Craig and Khai left on Monday. I moved the box with the mugs to the kitchen before anything else got broken, and set the broken shards of the vase there too. Left all of my boxes and bags in the front bedroom.

Next stop was Dollar General. I wanted more bins. They had plenty, in all shapes and sizes. I bought three of the smaller gray ones. Also wanted sugar and another spray bottle of cleaning vinegar, but they were out of them.. Ended up with Pine-Sol instead; I'll get sugar at Family Dollar tomorrow. (And they're still low on toilet paper and paper towels, unlike the Acme, which is almost restocked.) Grabbed a Powerade for the long walk home and a pecan roll for a treat.

It got crazy hot again today, up to 95 according to the digital sign at Oaklyn's City Hall. While it was sunny, it remained hazy, humid, and still, with little breeze. Surprisingly, there were quite a few people out and about, mainly people walking dogs or kids on bikes or out strolling with their buddies. I held on tight to the bins this time as I headed home.

As soon as I got in, I wiped the bins down with the vinegar. Had a quick fruit, peanut butter, and yogurt lunch while watching Super Password. Nathan Cook and Elaine Joyce continued their run with one helping their contestant with the Super Password bonus round...but no one had much luck with that CaShword mini-game!

By the time Tattletales was on, I'd finished eating and was making the bed. Rona Barrett and her husband started out well with the questions, but the big winners today were long-time married couple (and then-stars of the medical drama Emergency!) Julie London and Bobby Troupe. At one point, Charlie Brill got so mad over something Mitzi McCall said, he came around to the front and yelled right at her monitor!

Charlie arrived as I was washing the dishes and watching Press Your Luck. (I can see the TV from the kitchen.) This time, he lead a big, broad-shouldered man through, probably one of his friends from downstairs. He gave him the same spiel he gave the two young women about how he's going to tear out walls, widen the kitchen and bathroom, add more closets, and put in insulation. The gentleman seemed interested, though not with the enthusiasm of the ladies.

(Charlie called me later in the evening. He wants to bring around one more person to look at the apartment on Friday at noon. That's fine by me. I didn't really have a lot of plans for Friday, especially since it looks like we're finally going to get some rain. He also said he'd talk to his mother and explain about fixing any holes or damage after I left.)

Worked on writing after they left. Re-wrote the previous scene to have Betty and her frog friend leave after they bring Charles and Brett to the ballroom. Betty's hoping to get more help from elsewhere in the castle. Meanwhile, Richard is holding is own in his duel with Ira, who has finally realized that "Prince Peter of Newkirk," "Robin Hood," and "Sir Richard Dawson" are the same person. He reminds Richard that he's the law; Richard angrily counters with his having taken his lands and home and trying to force him to work for him.

Richard, however, still has the wound from their duel in the Summer-Winter Castle that slows him down. Ira finally manages to get him on the ground. He's about to run him through when someone cries out in horror...

Broke for a quick hummus and cucumber-tomato salad dinner at 6:30. One of today's contestants on an episode of Match Game from 1977 bore a striking resemblance to a somewhat older Cindy Williams. She said she'd lost 71 pounds with a weight-loss group and now did speaking for them. She didn't do quite as well at the game, though. Brett didn't do so hot either, writing down an answer when she'd already been matched. Charles scolded her for that!

Moved onto packing up my remaining DVD boxes, the DVD player, the porcelain Lifesavers candy holder (which went into a sock without a match), the wooden E Linda Young sent me a while ago, and most of the crossword, coloring, and crocheting books after dinner. There was a tight race on Sale of the Century tonight. One woman bought both Instant Bargains and got close, but the only guy beat her in the speed round. He just barely missed the bonus round, though.

Finished the night online after a shower with Snow White at the Kanopy library site. This 1955 German version is about as traditional as they come. The queen attacks Snow White three times, not once, and Snow White awakens because one of the dwarfs drops her glass coffin, not because the prince kisses her. Interesting how they dealt with the queen in the end, too. The copy that Kanopy currently has isn't dubbed, but it does have captioning, and I was able to get the gist of what was going on.

The Muppet Babies did a version of Snow White in their original show, too. "Snow White and the Seven Muppets" from the second season has the kids wanting to put on their own version of the fairy tale after seeing a play with Nanny. Piggy is livid that Skeeter ends up playing Snow White and she gets the Wicked Queen role and does everything she can to sabotage her performance.

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