Saturday, July 18, 2020

Movin' In

I just had leftover pizza for breakfast and put on my K-Tel record Starflight when my cell phone jingled. Rose was ready to come over with her crew to bring a box spring mattress for my bed until I can get another one and start bringing around the rest of my furniture. She said they would be over in 20 minutes, but I still had plenty of time to strip the stuffed animals and blankets off the mattress and pull out art supplies for the kids.

As soon as Rose and Craig put the box spring down, they headed out again. I made the bed, then killed two birds with one stone by unpacking the other bag of large stuffed animals. Finley loved them, especially the two Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and my two-foot Meowth. We chased each other around the apartment, making the big yellow cat Pokemon go "boo!" Khai went with his parents during the first round, but he'd gotten tired of it by the time they went back for the furniture and settled down in front of Split Second, drawing a Pikachu.

So...yes, all of the furniture I intend to keep is at my new apartment. I'm typing this at my desk, in a corner of my bedroom. Craig said they brought over everything but a few crates of records and the bins with the seasonal items. I'm crossing my fingers they'll be able to go back for those on Monday. All that remains are the furniture I don't want, the modem I'll be sending back to Comcast, and cleaning supplies.

They all finally left around 12:30 to get lunch and for Finley to take a nap. I had my lunch at 1:30, but otherwise spent the next three hours moving CDs from boxes and plastic cases to binders. They took up all five of the binders I bought this week, splitting the rock and pop CDs over two binders. I guess I cleared enough CDs out. I actually had a few binder pages leftover after I finished. I also had four empty boxes and a little bit more space in the living room.

Moved on to the kitchen around 4 as Classic Concentration began. Put all the cake pans and large appliances I didn't use as often into the cabinet I got from Jodie. Pots and pans I used more frequently went under the sink or in a cabinet next to the stove. Rearranged my dishes, cups, and glassware in an attempt to get those on the shelves along with the Tupperware.

Rose called a bit earlier. Did I want blueberries they didn't need, eggplant and fresh mint and basil from Craig's garden, potatoes, lemons, and a few rolls? Sure! I really don't have much in the way of food. I cleared most of it out before I moved. Rose came over with Finley again as I was working in the kitchen. Jodie joined us as well. Rose gave me the fruit and vegetables, and they both admired  the colorful cookbooks stacked up on top of the kitchen cabinets.

While I was able to shelve the DVD boxes after they left, I had less luck hooking up the DVD player. I couldn't remember how I hooked it up at the Manor Avenue apartment, and I couldn't figure out how to get it on with the cable box. I'll mess with it again tomorrow.

The mid-80's version of Card Sharks was on by the time I had dinner. Had the last of the tomato-cucumber salad with an egg salad sandwich and fried potatoes. A young Asian college student from New York kept on winning in the card rounds, doing very well with the high-low questions. She had less luck with the Money Cards, going bust twice before finally netting over 13,000 in one go.

After a shower, I moved my laptop and a few other things to my desk. Finished the night there with Oliver & Company on Disney Plus. I go further into this 1988 New York retelling of Oliver Twist at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Animation Celebration Saturday - Oliver & Company

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