Monday, July 05, 2021

Bad Day Rising

Started off a quick morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Hogan becomes "The Hostage" when Russian spy Marya (Nita Talbot) shows up at the camp with a German general in tow. She's been telling him all kinds of things about their operations. Hogan has to mislead them while his boys make sure a rocket fuel plant for the Allies is built outside their camp.

Rushed off to work even before the episode ended. Things started off relatively well...until the crowds came at noon. Today was considered part of the holiday weekend, and many people had the day off. We were overwhelmed by crowds for the rest of the day. I ended up in a register for ten minutes, and later for more than two hours. There just wasn't enough help up front. Oh, and the afternoon bagger called and said she'd be late, then never appeared at all. Ironically, they finally let me out at 4, just as the evening bagger got in. I had just enough time to do carts and the outside trash before I left.

Changed when I got home, then went into writing. Brett and the boys join the Card Guard in their "Mission: Impossible" of painting the roses red. They actually start to enjoy it...until Brett's younger boy David hears the sound of trumpets and sees the arrival of The Queen of Hearts and her entourage...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. I was going to watch Match Game '76 while eating leftover pizza, but the TV refused to connect to the internet. I have no clue why. The laptop connected just fine. I kept resetting and trying, and it kept not connecting. I finally gave up and watched Richard help a woman with the Head-to-Head question "__ Times" online. 

Match Game PM didn't go quite as well. Gary Burghoff, Dick Martin, Joyce Bulifant, and Holly Halstrom of The Price Is Right joined Gene, Brett, and Charles to help an unhappily married gentleman with a massive Afro try to figure out what island a low-budget game show gave people two weeks to in the Sixth Season opener. The young engaged lady ended up getting help from Charles with the Head-to-Head "__ Hudson."

Desperately needed a bath after the episodes ended. Anything to relax after my difficult day! Read Women Who Run With the Wolves while listening to Jazz for the Quiet Times and enjoying the quiet.

Finished out the night on The Roku Channel with a Charlie's Angels double episode from the fifth season. They're "Love Boat Angels" when they follow a soldier of fortune (Bert Convy) and his buddy who stole millions of dollars in priceless artwork and statuary from Greece and intend to sell it to the highest bidder. The insurance company representative (Dick Sargent) is desperate to get it back. While Bosley stays in LA to tail the woman fence, Kris tails the thief...and ends up falling for him, despite the rather nasty people on his trail. (And disappointingly, this uses very little of the actual Love Boat besides the boat itself, with the characters from that show only making cameos. Most of the episode isn't even set on the boat.)

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