Saturday, July 10, 2021

Fast Farm Market Food

Started off the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Uses His Words" when his mother cleans up his barn animals before he's done with them and he gets angry. Mrs. Tiger reminds him to actually tell her what's wrong when he's angry, instead of stomping and growling. It's "All Aboard" for Daniel and Katerina when they play train together. Dan is angry when Katerina assumes she's going to be the engineer, and Katerina when Dan puts stuffed animals other than monkeys in their passenger cars. They learn it's easier to understand someone when you talk instead of growl or meow or sputter.

Hurried off after the cartoon ended. Wanted to get to the Collingswood Farm Market really fast before work. The summer harvest - and the crowds - are out in full now. Everyone wanted to enjoy the breezy, hot, and cloudy weather before it turns nasty again next week. Plums, corn, green peppers, and patty pan squash all put in their first appearances this year. Along with a squash, a green pepper, and an ear of corn, I picked up a cucumber, a small eggplant, a tomato, white peaches, and blueberries. 

I'm glad I went for the ride. While it remains humid and hot, it was also windy and off-and-on cloudy. Newton Lake Park teemed with almost as many people as the farm market. I dodged older women out for a stroll, kids riding their bikes in twos and threes, dog walkers, and families pushing strollers.

Quickly put everything away when I got home, then did a little bit of writing. Brett and her son Adam protest when Betty says she wants to cut off the heads of the Card Guards. All they did was make one little mistake with the roses! Allen convinces her to leave them in the dungeon until they figure out what to do about them instead.

Made a Summer Berry Smoothie for lunch while watching more third season Hogan's Heroes. "Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari" when everyone's favorite cuddly German guard thinks he's found a new romance. The guys are suspicious from the start...and they're even more so when it turns out the lady is really a Gestopo agent. 

Headed out to work shortly after the episode ended. Work was dead for almost the entire afternoon. It got mildly steady around 2:30 and later at 3-3:30. Otherwise, we had a lot of people standing around. I shelved candy and worked on story notes between customers. Everyone either rushed down to the Shore when the weather started behaving, or are focusing on all the birthday and graduation parties they couldn't have last year. 

Went straight back online after I got home. Watched James and the Giant Peach on Disney Plus. I go further into this bizarre-but-sweet stop-motion cult favorite based after a Roald Dahl novel at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Since I was already at Disney Plus, I finished the night there with an episode of Tale Spin. Baloo's boss Rebecca Cunningham longs for a life of adventure and excitement in "Molly Coddled." She gets her wish when Molly finds a wooden figure that she mistakes for a doll in the Sea Goose and a slick gentleman throws a ton of charm on Becky. Molly sees through his charade and does everything she can to break up the romance. The so-called gentleman, however, is really a con artist who stole the doll from two gangsters. It actually leads to a fabulous treasure...and Molly has the key. Rebecca learns that her daughter is more important than any treasure when she's kidnapped and they go after her.

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