Monday, July 19, 2021

Home Talk

Kicked off the morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Started off with a father-daughter pair playing a young lady. After they made short work of her, the father ripped through the Gold Run in record time. They were half-way through their round with a gentleman when the game ended. 

Did a little online for a while before heading out to run a quick errand. Needed pads at Dollar General. Besides, it was too nice to hang around inside the entire day. Though it was sunny, it was also breezy, hot, and humid, but not nearly as hot or humid as it has been lately. That could be why Dollar General was pretty much empty. I thought of making a pudding pie, but changed my mind and just bought a Powerade and my favorite pecan roll for the way home along with the pads.

Put on Match Game '79 as I got organized. Bill Daily fussed and Marcia Wallace wondered where his brain was as Joe Santos of The Rockford Files joined the others to try to figure out what a modern Joseph and Mary would ride to Bethlehem, and what's the smallest thing a man crossing a picket line could be stuffed into. Marcia's a lot more nervous when she has to help the contestant figure out "Cookies and __" for the Head-to-Head.

Worked on my DVD label project for an hour before I joined Zoom chat for counseling. Told Mrs. Stahl about my long hours and how much work drives me crazy and about my chat with Rose the other day about moving. On one hand, Jodie and Rose reassured me that she won't even think of selling the house until after the "celebration of life" party for Dad on July 31st. The question is...what happens after that? Where can I go? Where should I go? Apartments are impossible to find, especially for a decent price. 

She did like my idea of taking three days off in the middle of next month. I'm dead tired and need some time away from the Acme, but I'm trying to save my vacation time for the fall and whenever I move. I finally opted for August 10th through 12th. They're three regular days off I won't get paid for...and at this point, I don't care. I just need rest.

Got off the computer at 3 for a late lunch and Night Court Week on Super Password. Markie Post and Richard Moll (with more hair than usual) were the celebrity partners this week. Richard Moll proved to be surprisingly adept at this game and got his partner through the Super Password bonus round in record time.

Goofy Orson Bean and his witty wife Carolyn Jones were the big winners on Tattletales today, over comedian Army Archerd and his wife Selma and soft-spoken, long-married musician Bobby Troupe and his singer wife Julie London. Press Your Luck started out fairly subdued for them, with everyone winning money in the first round and no Whammies. Things changed considerably in the second half. The Whammies slammed into everyone at least once. In the end, the champ won when the one lady hit a Whammy on her last turn.

Worked on writing for a little bit after the show ended. Added the Knave of Hearts - aka Ira - who is the yes-man for the Queen of Hearts...but he's really trying to push her towards embracing the Red King's (Mark Goodson) strict rules of the game. Brett's fed up with both of them.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Comedian Soupy Sales, known today for being a fixture on the later What's My Line?, made his only appearance on Match Game '76. He arrived for a fun week that included a lot of Charles, Brett, and Betty White throwing witticisms at each other. Richard's more interested in helping a contestant win money with "Rusty __." 

Since I've seen the Match Game PM episode several times, I put on Hogan's Heroes instead. The boys are ready to "Praise the Fuhrer and Pass the Ammunition" in the second season when they plan on replacing a nasty German general's fake ammunition intended to be used in war games for the real thing. The others hold a birthday variety show for Kink while Hogan makes the swap.

Returned to Buzzr for Sale of the Century while making Chocolate Chip Bars. Once again, it started out closer, with the lady winning at least two Fame Games. The champ came back to kill everyone at the Speed Round and win 10,000 on the Match the Prizes board. 

Finished the night after a shower with The Rockford Files on Peacock. James Gardner is an ex-con-turned private eye who usually only takes cold cases. He makes an exception when a former army buddy (Hector Elizondo) is killed after he insists he saw a model (Pamela Hemlsey) he once photographed in Seattle. Thing is, the model supposedly died when she was accused of murder. Rockford heads up the coast to figure out of the lovely lady is really a stone-cold killer. 

Oh, and Jodie came in later in the evening. A friend of hers who was clearing out the garage apparently discovered my bike was flat. It did feel a little low yesterday, but I planned on pumping it. After much deliberation, he did pump it...then finally replaced the tire when I found the right size among the ones I bought. I thought the tires were smaller because the bike frame is smaller. Nope. I'll need to buy the right size from Amazon again very soon. 

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