Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Too Hot to Handle

Overslept and barely had enough time for breakfast and To Tell the Truth. Bill Cullen took over for Gary Moore for this episode; Nipsey Russell borrowed his seat. Three men claimed to have adventures in a hot-air balloon...and to be the then-editor of Forbes Magazine. Orson Bean dropped out early, claiming he read about the gentleman's escapades. I said number 2, who "looked executive," as Peggy Cass said...but it turned out to be number three, the one who kind of looked like a taller George Burns.

Rushed off to work the moment they revealed the real balloonist. Thank heavens, we weren't really busy. There was plenty of help, the afternoon bagger said she had food poisoning yesterday and felt fine today, and they fixed the bathrooms. After the afternoon bagger arrived and took over sweeping the store, I spent the rest of the day pushing carts and going inside for plenty of water on a hot, sunny, breezy, murderously humid day. 

Rode straight home after I finished. Had a quick snack, then changed and went into writing. Brett's fed up with this very frustrating croquet game. The flamingos don't want to obey anyone but animal whisperer Betty, who recommends "speaking sweetly" to them. Brett does not speak sweetly. She smacks that hedgehog hard as she can, and is more than a little annoyed when all the card wickets get out of her way rather than stay put. She's yelling about the game being fixed and Betty's ordering her head off when Allen intervenes...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Put on Match Game '76 while making a jam omelet to go with my cucumber-tomato salad for dinner. Gene once again had to fix the question holder when it refused to pop up for him. Later on, the others had trouble with a very weird question about where peach pits grow on a man's body.

Hot Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden and glamorous Vega$ blonde Judy Landers joined in for tonight's Match Game PM. A sweet lady from Israel with a unique name went up against a Naval soldier. Alas, she seemed to have a hard time grasping the language. Charles ended up helping the officer with "__ Electric."

No contest on Sale of the Century. Though the other man did win all three Fame Games, the champ bought two Instant Bargains and dominated the Speed Round. He picked up a gold-trimmed camera on the Match the Prizes board.

Finished up the night with online offerings, starting with The Love Boat. "Chef's Special" has head of the kitchen Chef Claude (Jay Johnson) furious that a lovely young woman (Leslie Easterbrook) who does a newer style of cuisine is working with him. She and Captain Steubing try to prove there's room on board for both. An older British woman (Joan Fontaine) hopes for "New Beginnings" with her former flame (Richard Basehart), but he's grown bitter after his wife's death and the paralysis of his legs in a car accident. "Klinschmit" is a German detective (Bernie Koppel) who is supposed to be watching a lady's (Trisha Noble) jewels, but keeps jumping on the wrong suspects.

Charlie's Angels have their own problems. "Catch a Falling Angel" in the fourth season introduces them to the adult film industry when the former sweetheart of na├»ve starlet Bess Helsmdale vanishes after assaulting her current boyfriend on the set of their latest movie. After the movie men catch on when they see Kelly and Tiffany asking questions, Kris goes undercover as a  hopeful actress. 

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