Sunday, July 18, 2021

When You're Alone

Kicked off the morning with Peach Ginger Pancakes and Take Me Along. This is the Broadway adaptation of the 30's stage comedy Ah Wilderness, with music by Bob Merrill. Here, Jackie Gleason is Uncle Sid, the perpetual drunk who comes home to small-town Connecticut at the turn of the century to lick his wounds and try to get around Aunt Lilly (Eileen Herhlie) insisting they get married. Walter Pidgeon is newspaper editor Nat Miller; Robert Morse is his progressive and overly dramatic teen son. Between the three of them, they pretty much walk off with this so-so cast album. For all Gleason's big solo spots, my favorite number goes to Pidgeon - "Staying Young," as Nat wonders why the other adults in the town can't relate to their children more.

Headed off to work even before the album ended. We were busy almost the entire afternoon. Though the sun vanished quickly behind clouds and it was far cooler than it has been, people still bought piles of fixings for all the barbecues and outdoor reunions they couldn't have last year. Not only did we not have enough help, but I was too wiped out to really handle them, especially towards the end of my shift. Thankfully, the college student who relieved me was right on time.

When I got home, I tried to write, but I was just too tired. I couldn't focus. Broke for dinner and made real sloppy joes with onions, green peppers, and tomato sauce to go with the cucumber-tomato salad in the fridge. Yum! The recipe in Julie's Cooking Studio always comes out nicely, and tonight was no exception. Savory and filling. 

Listened to my Adventures of Peter Pan CD while I ate. This Verasae Sarabande release covers songs from many different retellings of the beloved fantasy novel and play about the boy who won't grow up and the three English kids who join him on an adventure to defeat the evil Captain Hook. In addition to the songs from the 1954 stage and 1953 Disney versions, I love "Once Upon a Bedtime" from an otherwise-poorly-received Leslie Bricusse TV version and "When You're Alone" from Hook

Finished the night online huddled under a blanket while watching The Price Is Right on Pluto TV. They continued Buzzr's Olympics theme today with "The Golden Games." Here, every episode had at least one or more contestants who completed a mini-game in record time, or got an unusually good score. One woman won all four prizes on the Race Game in 26 seconds. Another got the Hole-In-One when she was about half-way from the ball...and Bob missed his shot all together. ("During the commercial," Bob joked to the woman happily sobbing in his arms, "I'm going to learn about golf from her!") Another woman got everything right on Hole-In-One, earned the extra 500, and hit her put from practically right in front of the cup. A sailor missed all the balls on the Skee Ball game, but won everything with one lucky shot on the Golden Ball.

(And honestly, I recommend checking out "The Price Is Right: The Barker Era" on Pluto TV if you're a big fan of vintage Price like I am. Though most of the episodes seem to come from between 1982 and 1984, they're still a lot of fun to watch.) 

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