Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Whole Tooth

Kicked off the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz" has everyone's favorite German guard striking up a peculiar friendship with a German general. Hogan, of course, can't resist making use of this relationship to help rescue a certain underground agent from the hands of the Gestopo.

Rushed out as the episode ended for my dental appointment...and of course, I forgot my appointment was for 11:30, not 11. Oh, well. Not only was I on time, but it allowed me to go next door and buy sponges from Dollar Tree with plenty of time left before they called me back.

Today was my scaling, aka the periodontist removing extra plaque and other buildup from my teeth to help my gums. Honestly, him pulling my lip down to scrape my teeth hurt worse than anything with the actual scaling. They didn't even need needles, just gel to slightly numb my teeth. My teeth were slightly sore when I got out, but nothing horrible. I'll be going back for the follow-up the day after Labor Day. I was in and out in a half-hour.

Target was a little steady when I headed over there, but not overwhelmingly busy. Discovered yesterday I need a new toaster. Bought my previous Proctor Silex toaster from the Acme way back in 2009, when the one I had since college finally gave out, and it died yesterday. For once, they had several tempting items in stock. Decided I wanted one that was only partially metal and went with the Sunbeam. For 20 dollars, it had more controls than any other low-priced toaster. Looked for canned mandarin oranges and low-salt tomato sauce, but they only had mandarin oranges in cups and no low-salt anything.

At least it wasn't a bad day for a ride. On one hand, it was sunny, breezy, and still not humid. It was also much hotter, into the mid-90's, though not as horrible to deal with as the heat wave we had a couple of years ago. 

Toasted a home-made English muffin and made a smoothie for lunch while watching more Hogan's Heroes. "The Flame Grows Higher" when Hogan, LeBeau, and Newkirk convince Klink that there's forest fires in the area. They're really looking for traitors who tattled on one of their escapees. There's finally women at the camp in "I Look Better In Basic Black." Hogan, Newkirk, and LeBeau dress as ladies to help the women escape to London. "The Safecracker Suite" has practiced thief Newkirk calling in his old friend Alfred Burke to help blow up a particularly large safe and get the information inside. 

Needed to get the laundry done after lunch. I won't have time later this week! Finally picked up mandarin oranges at Family Dollar, along with a card for my nephew Skylar's 17th birthday on Saturday and paper for my printer. Treated myself to a Macha Mint Smoothie from an extremely busy WaWa. 

Stopped in at the Oaklyn Library on my way home. They're open, but on an extremely limited schedule. Took out two historical novels set during World War II and a beautiful vintage book of Grimm's Fairy Tales I remember Mom having when we were little. It's where I first heard of such lesser-known favorites of mine as "Iron Hans," "The Giant With the Three Golden Hairs," and "The Lady and the Lion" (aka "The Singing, Springing Lark"). 

Got to chat with the librarian as well. Yeah, on one hand, I'm doing better than most. I have a job and money in the bank...but I'm also dead tired. I'm really worried about finding a place to live. The three people who helped me find a place in 2005 have since passed away, and inexpensive apartments around here seem to be in short supply. Plus, as mentioned, I'm seriously considering leaving the area. I don't know what to do next, and I hate not knowing where I'll be after the fall. 

Watched Press Your Luck while folding clothes. For the third day in a row, they started out fairly subdued, with only one Whammy in the first round. They all ganged up on one of the men in the second round, knocking him out after he'd managed to get rid of one. The lady finally won at the last minute, picking up a trip to Boston and lots of money.

I was so worn out, I passed out in my bed after I finished the clothes and didn't wake up for an hour. When I did make my way outside, I found several neighbors helping Jodie set up the framework of the tent she's using for the party on Saturday and Khai, Reilly, and Chloe dumping juice on each other. Reilly did give me a nice hug when I came out. 

I was too tired to go swimming, so I sat and chatted with Jessa and the mothers about trying to find a place. They said the same thing as the librarian - don't worry so much. Something will turn up eventually. Easy for them to say. They have homes that aren't being put on the market next month. 

(Oh, and it turns out we're not going to Benihana's after all tomorrow. Jodie's brother just had a massive heart attack. He survived, but she's going to see him in the hospital instead. We'll try again next month, when things are less busy.) 

Put on Match Game PM and had a quick leftovers dinner after everyone went home. Gene literally tried to scale the walls in the opening! Later on, Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Paul joined in the fun as everyone tried to figure out what Dumb Dora bought to go with "uncola." 

Once again, Sale of the Century started out closer...but this time, it was the other man who sabotaged himself by buying too many Instant Bargains. The champ ran over everyone in the Speed Round. He picked up silver bars on the Match the Prizes board.

Finished the night after a shower at Watch TCM with Kismet. I go further into this 1955 Arabian Nights fable at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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