Friday, July 02, 2021

Rain On a Holiday Weekend

Began the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Klink is in major trouble when he's bullied by two German officers into donating far more than the camp can afford as a gift for Hitler. Hoping to keep them from closing, the prisoners open "Hogan's Hofbrau" in order to make money and get the lowdown on the officers.

Did some writing for a while next. Brett leads her sons Adam and David into a glorious Technicolor garden filled with red and white roses, glass-like ponds, and lime green trees and bushes. They all appear in appropriate Victorian finery as well. The boys wear Little Lord Fauntleroy-style suits (the elder Adam has long pants), while Brett is in a blue gown with black silk ribbon trim. 

Broke for lunch and more Hogan's at 11. "Top Hat, White Tie, and Bomb Sights" has the boys putting on their own radio show in order to convince Klink that Hogan is on the Germans' side. Hogan's really after papers on a new bomb sight that could help the Allies.

It just started raining hard when I finally got into my uniform. I couldn't remember my password for Uber (and I doubt I would have found a ride in that downpour anyway), and this was no day to be dragging people out. I just rode to work and got wet. Of course, I was a block from the Acme when the rain finally slowed and stopped.

Had plenty of time to dry off. This was one of my cashiering days. Thankfully, other than a few annoying customers, it was almost totally uneventful. We were on-and-off steady, with plenty of help. In fact, it slowed down so much by 7, I signed off a little early to put away a few cold items. The off-and-on rain may have contributed to the crowds as well. 

Got my schedule today, too. I'm not happy at all. Not only do I work long hours on the 4th of July, but I have two 8 and 1/2 hour days in a row on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone must have wanted those days off. Plus, this is the week I'm supposed to get my root canal. I'll never be able to recover from that. 

The rain was off when I rode home. In fact, it was sunny, hot, and humid again. The clouds began to build even as I locked my bike under a tree in front of my apartment. It didn't start raining (this time, a thunderstorm) until I was long online.

Had a quick dinner after I got home while watching more Hogan's, this time from the fourth season. Figured I might as well finish up Disc 1 with "Man's Best Friend Is Not His Dog." French chef LeBeau eagerly adopts a cute dog who has wandered into camp. Hogan's less delighted with his canine buddy when the dog buries the bone holding important secret microfilm. The guys end up chasing the dog all over the camp hoping to find where he hid it.

Finished the night on Hulu with another popular war-themed comedy for the 4th of July weekend, MASH. Started off with "Radar's Report" from the second season. Radar has a lot to discuss with Henry Blake, starting with the North Korean patient who attacks everyone in the operating room and actually wounds Nurse Erika (Joan Van Ark). Hawkeye falls for her, but she doesn't have long in Korea. Meanwhile, Frank Burns and Hot Lips have had enough of Klinger's antics in dresses and have him get a psychiatric evaluation. 

Later in the season, "The Sniper" has everyone on edge. They all take shelter in the hospital building, even Henry and Radar. The officers try to figure out how to operate, even with bullets flying all around them.

Hawkeye and Trapper are supposed to be attending seminars when they attend a surgical clinic in Tokyo, but to Frank's disgust, they spend the time golfing and chasing geisha girls. They first encounter "The Consultant," medical consultant Anthony Borellei (Alan Alda's real-life actor father Robert) at a bar and try to convince him to spend time in the real war at the medical aid station. He turns them down at first, but eventually joins them...which leads to trouble when he can't handle surgery on a patient's collapsed artery.

Considering what the weather's been like here lately, I can really relate to "None Like It Hot" from the seventh season. Everyone's literally lining up across the camp when Hawkeye and Hunnicut manage to get their hands on a portable bathtub during a major heatwave. Klinger makes use of the heat wave to show off his fur coats and sweat himself out of the army. Meanwhile, poor Radar is the one on the operating table when he needs his tonsils removed. 

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