Thursday, July 15, 2021

Summer In the Suburbs

Started off the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Line Leader Daniel" is absolutely hoping to get the job of being in the front of the line and leading the kids from place to place. He's upset when he's assigned to deliver everyone their lunches instead. He learns how important every job is when he forgets to bring the kids their lunches, and they aren't happy at all. He learns about "Neighborhood Jobs" when he and his father walk to the Library, and just what librarians do when they take over for an ailing X the Owl.

Hurried off to work as the episode ended. Work was just as quiet as yesterday. Only difference is I cashiered this time. Other than dealing with several WIC checks and having trouble getting online to do a survey early-on, I spent a lot of the afternoon working on story notes. It's just too hot for people to want to run anywhere or cook anything. By the time we hit rush hour and people started coming in, I was a hour from finishing.

Went straight home after work and did some writing for a while. Allen finally suggests they go into the castle, just as the Red King arrives for the party. He tries to flatter Queen Betty while simultaneously telling her that she should be following his rules. Betty's amused and Brett's about ready to throw the flamingo at him, but she's going to get some help soon...

Heard little giggles at Jodie's side of the house around quarter of 6. Rose came over to talk to Jodie about Dad's "celebration of life" party in two weeks. Finley and Khai enjoyed Paw Patrol as they chatted. Rose invited me over to dinner tomorrow at 5. I eagerly accepted, especially since Rose said she finally has the time to scan all those photos Jodie gave me a while back. Jodie also gave me a disc a friend of Dad's made that had many pictures he'd taken over the years.

Finley talked her mother into letting her join me for a few minutes while she got organized. She loves Luna, my stuffed black cat. Luna looks a lot like Finley's cat Toothless. She also got to admire my American Girl dolls. I moved Whitney to show her the dance dress, as Finley takes jazz and ballet classes...and Finley plopped Luna down in her place. I had to admit, it was pretty cute. It took me longer to shoo her back to her mother. She wanted to stay and play, but Rose was going to start dinner.

I went out to dinner myself as they headed out. I have two major milestones to celebrate today. Today is the one-year anniversary of the first night I slept in my new apartment, and it's also the day I finally finished paying off my college loans. Rose suggested Jalapeno's, a popular Mexican restaurant on the White Horse Pike. I hadn't eaten there since they moved across the Pike into what used to be a catering hall; I was overdue to give them a shot.

Despite the parking lot overflowing when I arrived, the main seating area only had a few couples chatting away or watching the enormous TVs over the bar. They used to have extremely slow service when they were on the other side of the street, but they either got new staff during the move or were able to move faster due to it being slow. I got my massive chicken burrito, cup of black beans, and salad in no time at all. Yum! The burrito was soft and savory, with tons of rice and cheese and huge shreds of chicken. Very tasty.

Match Game PM was on the last ten minutes when I rolled in. By that point, an aspiring singer was getting answers to "I Told ___" on the Audience Match. Charles got to help her on the Head-to-Head with "Turn the __."

Sale of the Century was a nail-biter for most of the game. The one lady kept getting ahead of the champ, even buying one of the Instant Bargains. He bought the other two, though, and tied her in the Speed Round. He hit the buzzer a second before she did. He ended up with 3,000 on the Match the Prizes board.

Finished off the night with a trip to Blue Hawaii at Paramount Plus. I go further into this tropical vehicle for Elvis Presley at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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