Wednesday, July 07, 2021

The Tooth Will Out

Started my day with finally having tasty Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "Minnie's Picnic" will be at the new Mickey Park Picnic Grounds. It'll be a huge party with all their friends...if they can figure out how to get the food, plates, and blankets there, and then how to fit 12 friends and deal with the high winds.

Switched to Hogan's Heroes as I got ready to head out. "The Crittendon Plan" is the first episode of the third season. Hogan and his boys get word from London that they need to break the infamous Colonel Crittendon (Bernard Fox) out of Stalag 16, as it's his plan that's being used to sabotage a bridge. The boys are reluctant, given how ridiculous he acted last time, but they eventually do it...and then London says they had the wrong Crittendon...

Made it to my dentist appointment appointment with no time to spare. They were ready for me the moment I arrived, and it took no time to get me into the doctor's. The root canal really wasn't a problem. There were so many plastic sheets pushed around my tooth and so many needles, I didn't feel a thing. Once again, they filled the tooth in after they finished. They'll put a crown on in early August. (I just hope they can save it. The doctor isn't sure they'll be able to. I don't want another tooth yanked.)

Went a couple doors down to Target after my appointment finished. There were a few things I needed that were cheaper there, like brown sugar, honey, small plastic bags, and Liquid Plumber. Grabbed a Powerade for the ride home. It remained sunny, hazy, humid, and killer hot, likely into the mid-90's, which is likely why I only dodged cars on Cuthbert and a few bikes. No one else wanted to be out in that withering heat.

Put on Match Game '79 while making a Banana-Chocolate Smoothie for lunch. Grumpy Richard Deacon really wasn't happy when the lights on his desk seemed to be out. He did better helping a handsome contestant later with "__ the Dog." 

Switched to The Bride Came C.O.D on the Watch TCM app as I gave the bathroom a much-needed scrubbing. This 1941 screwball romance is one of the last of the "runaway heiress" comedies of the Depression era. The heiress in question is oil tycoon's daughter Joan Winfield (Bette Davis) who wants to marry bandleader Alan Brice (Jack Carson). They initially hire cash-strapped pilot Steve Collins (James Cagney) to fly them to Las Vegas...but Steve calls her father Lucius Winfield (Eugene Pallatte) and tells him he'll bring her back for a price. 

"Bringing her back" involves kidnapping her at the airport, to her frustration. She tries to bail out, only to bring them down in a ghost town in California. The one resident (Harry Davenport) really thinks he's kidnapped her and helps her detail him, then hide in the abandoned mine. Steve tries to make both of them understand, only for them to end up stuck in the mine and fall for each other. Meanwhile, Alan is coming their way with a preacher, and he'll have his bride whether she bails out or not...

Warners mostly specialized in gangster films, action movies, tough comedies, and message dramas at this point. They didn't really do romantic comedy that often, and it shows in a strange and overly-complicated plot. Davis in particular is miscast as the flighty rich girl; Cagney only looks slightly better as the pilot who falls for her. Cute if you're a fan of the leading stars or the screwball comedies of the 30's and early 40's.

Moved to Tattletales while cleaning the kitchen. The big winners today were long-married newcomers Pat and Bill Daily, over another long-married comic pair Patty Duke and John Astin and gay buddies Fannie Flagg and Dick Sergeant. By the time Press Your Luck came on, I was on the vacuuming and Swiftering. Whammies really flew thick today, taking out one of the two ladies all together in the second round. The other woman barely defeated a military man, winning a trip to Dallas, among other prizes.

Worked on writing for a while after I finished with the Swifter. Yes, the Queen and King of Hearts are none other than Betty White and Allen Ludden in elaborate Victorian dress. Betty asks Brett and the boys if they know why the cards painted her roses red. Brett claims they haven't a clue...but she doesn't like it when the Queen threatens to take the Guards' heads off for damaging her precious roses...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Finally had that shrimp with potato salad and cucumber-tomato salad while watching Match Game '76. A contestant gave Gary Burghoff an adorable teddy bear, knowing how much his character Radar on MASH loves his bear. Later on, everyone tried to figure out what kind of a test Dumb Dora thought she had to take.

Finished out dinner during Match Game PM. Debralee Scott is intrigued by another good-looking horse-racing contestant who claims to be "happily single." Meanwhile, Charles teases Gene about his huge tie. Jimmie Walker shows off his stylish suit, then has to help that gentleman try to win 10,000 on "__ Gonzales."

Sale of the Century once again started close. The other man started to pull ahead during the second half, but the champ bought two out of three Instant Bargains and killed at the Speed Round. He picked up another shopping spree, this one more general, on the Match the Prizes Board.

Finished the night on Hulu with Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Babs and Buster kick off their two months off with an epic water fight that ends with them riding through the Deep South. Fifi the skunk pursues male skunk star, only to be stung when he uses her. Shirley the Loon regrets it when Fowlmouth takes her through the movie and ends up talking over it and driving the audience crazy. Elmyra terrorizes the animals in a safari park. Plucky Duck begs his best pal Hampton Pig to take him on vacation with them to Happy World Land, only to find that Hampton and his parents (Johnathan Winters and Edie McClurg) are a smiley-happy type of family who would give the Osmonds cavities. 

Wacky ode to time off is fun if you're a fan of the original Tiny Toon Adventures show or love other movies about summer trips that didn't go as planned. 

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