Saturday, July 17, 2021

Olympic Harvests

Kicked off a sunny morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Funhouse. This is Disney's new Mickey and the gang show, their attempt to combine the fantasy world adventures of Clubhouse with the slightly more mature tone of Roadster Racers/Mixed Up Adventures. The people of Hot Dog Hills and the Happy Helpers segments are gone; in their place is Funny, a cross between Toodles and the cottage Mickey built in Mixed-Up Adventures. He's a talking house who can be anything required for an adventure, from a ship to a car. 

"Mickey the Brave!" takes the crew into the Enchanted Forest for your basic fairy tale adventure. They come upon a town filled with frightened citizens (including Clarabelle, Pete, and Cuckoo-Loca) who demand the gang stop a dragon who's been terrorizing the town. Mickey and Donald are ready to attack this pink menace, but sweet Minnie insists there has to be another reason the dragon's caused trouble...

Headed out shortly after the cartoon ended. Wanted to hit the farm market today, since I won't get to it next week. Despite the ongoing extreme heat and humidity and my late arrival, they were crowded with people hoping to buy produce and cheese for barbecues and the many birthday and graduation parties they couldn't have last year. Melons of all types and yellow apples finally debuted today. I picked up a small cantaloupe, barely bigger than a baseball, along with an onion with its top on, blueberries, peaches, a cucumber, Chinese beans, a tomato, feta cheese with herbs, and potatoes.

Made quick stops at WaWa for a drink and money for the laundry next week and CVS for a Perrier on the way home. Both places were busy, WaWa with kids looking for treats after coming from the farm market, CVS with folks on their way to lunch hour. Newton Lake Park was busy too as people went for strolls or rode bikes past the glittering green waters before the storms finally arrived.

Threw on more She-Ra while putting everything away. After overhearing Bow's story about a wise king and his intelligence-granting "Crown of Knowledge," the Baker's son convinces Kowl to lead him to the treasure. She-Ra, Bow, and the boy's father follow them, hoping to save them from greater dangers...and Hordak follows them in an attempt to steal the crown for himself.

Worked on writing for a while. The Red King comes between Brett and Betty's bickering over the croquet game. Allen doesn't like the way he butters up his wife...and Brett doesn't like him trying to convince her to play by his rules. Nonsense, says Betty. They have their own rules. She'd rather hear Brett tell her about the animals and other lovely creatures who live in the world above...

Broke for lunch at 2 and to watch Buzzr's "Fun Run." Today's Buzzr marathon showed games that featured Olympic athletes, either as contestants or in the audience. Male gold and silver medalists headed by diving legend Greg Louganis played female medalists lead by track star Nancy Ashford in a week of syndicated Family Feud episodes from 1985. Richard Dawson watched as the ladies wiped the floor with the guys, winning over 30,000 to the boys' 11,000. 

Synchronized swimmer Tracie Ruiz carried over to a week of Super Password Olympic-themed episodes from 1988. This time, she came in second to midwestern kayacker Greg Barton, who won over 10,000 for his charity. He did the most bonus rounds, winning almost every one he appeared in. Bert Convy kept an eye on the proceedings here. 

Two 1988 episodes of Card Sharks switched things up a bit by putting the medalists out in the audience. Bob Eubanks brought in ten older people who were medalists in the Senior Olympics. I loved the older lady who played golf at 84, and the tiny delicate woman who claimed to set track records at age 90! 

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner while Card Sharks ran. Steamed zucchini slices and turned riced Cauliflower Medley into "fried" rice with the addition of soy sauce and an egg. Yum! Came out beautifully. Good and good for you. 

Continued the sports theme after a shower with Animalympics. I go further into this old animated favorite of mine from the 1980's at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Oh, and the heavy rain that threatened all week finally showed up around dinnertime. Boy, did it make some noise, especially at about 10-10:30. One thunder clap was so noisy, I screamed loud enough to wake everyone in a five-mile radius!

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