Friday, July 09, 2021

You Can't Do That On Streaming

Slept in so late this morning, it was past 11 before I finished my morning reading and writing. Watched another recent Muppet Babies episode while eating breakfast. Fozzie's baby sister is terrified of thunder in "Rozzie and the Big Bad Sound." The other kids try to distract her with louder sounds, then take her above the clouds to try to turn off the noise. "Muppets of the Caribbean" hit the high seas to find Jill the Frog's lost Lady Sparkle doll at the Island of Lost Toys. 

Switched to Match Game '79 while doing the dishes and making my grocery list. A particularly sarcastic contestant had an interesting time matching Susan Richardson, Robert Pine, Richard Deacon, Fannie Flagg, and the regulars on questions about what a lazy dog would chase and who tripped and made the biggest flop in Hollywood. Later, Susan helped that contestant get 10,000 on "__ Harry." 

Headed out for my first errand run of the day after the show ended. I wanted to get my grocery shopping done for the week. I'll be working too late to do it tomorrow. Mostly needed to restock anyway. The only things I bought without a coupon or a sale or both were coconut for a recipe later and bakery cookies for a treat. Also picked up milk, blackberries, bananas, flounder fillets with manager's coupons, yogurt, peanut butter, ice cream, toothpaste, ground turkey, and evaporated skim milk and more raspberry syrup off the clearance shelves.

(And I can see why I had the day off. Though there were carts all over the parking lot, the store was fairly dead. No problems getting a line whatsoever. It being sunny, hot, and humid all day may have sent folks down to the Shore, too.)

Threw on Hogan's Heroes while I put everything away. "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to London" when the boys uncover evidence of a Nazi plot to kill Winston Churchill. Fortunately, their assassin is a double of British officer who happens to be a good friend of Hogan's. They're hoping he recognizes him, but Hogan has his own ways of turning the tables, on them and on the officer.

Went right back out after the episode ended. I had laundry to do. It wasn't too busy when I threw my load into the washer that takes the least time. Good thing, too. I had a big load, including towels. Picked up sugar and toilet paper at Family Dollar while the clothes were in the washer and money, a pretzel, and a pina colada-cherry Icee from WaWa. (Fire trucked raced to Jalapeno's Bar and Grill across the street as I slurped my Icee. Wonder what happened there? I didn't see any smoke.)

Put on Tattletales when I got home. This time, long-married Pat and Bill Daily and Patty Duke and John Astin beat gay buddies Fannie Flagg and Dick Sargant. Folded the clothes while contestants dodged Whammies on Press Your Luck. It was a really good game, culminating in the very close match between the other lady and the one guy. He got just enough money in the end to beat her and win a New Orleans vacation and lots of cash.

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. Re-wrote earlier parts to add references to a "Limbo Realm" where the Red King sends those who don't behave and his Jabberwocky who eats anything in its path. Finally got to Queen Betty ordering the Card Guard to lose their heads...but Brett protests that it isn't right...

Got my schedule for next week while online. Mixed feelings here. Fewer hours and three long 8 hour and 8 1/2 hour days. However, I do get three days off, including next Friday and Saturday, and nothing later than 5. 

Jodie brought me margarita (tomato-basil-fresh mozzarella) pizza around quarter after 5. Had dessert while Match Game '76 was on instead. Pat Moriata joined the show for his only week, prompting a round of Japanese jokes. Bit surprised the panelists, several of whom lived or were from New York, didn't get the joke about what the owner of the deli put on the door knobs to prevent burglars...

Started the Coconut-Lime No Bake Cookies while Match Game PM ran. Joyce and Brett were pretty hot in this episode, matching the contestant almost every time. (This is such a rarity with Joyce, Gene suggested they should frame her first right answer.) I believe Brett got the top answer in both Audience Matches, too. 

Sale of the Century once again started out close, but the champ pulled ahead a bit by the second half. He also bought two out of three Instant Bargains and killed at the Speed Round. Picked up a lovely dark artwork on the Match the Prizes board.

(Jodie asked me if I wanted to watch the end of Pretty Woman with her, which is apparently her favorite movie. I declined. It was nice of her, but I wanted to finish Sale of the Century...and Pretty Woman is not my favorite movie by a long shot.) 

Finished the night on Paramount Plus with some major childhood memories. Canadian kids' variety show You Can't Do That On Television ran pretty much for the entire 80's on Nickelodeon, actually going over better here than in its native Toronto. My sisters and I used to love the wacky skits revolving around a theme, the sarcastic kids and their anything-for-a-buck manager Ross. We were even fond of some of the darker sequences, like the teacher who obviously doesn't like his pupils, the firing squad, the guy in charge of the dungeon, and Barth, owner of the world's most disgusting greasy spoon. ("What do you think's in the burgers?") And of course, almost every episode had one or more kids being drenched or covered in slime when they said the words (whispers) "Water" and "I Don't Know." 

(My parents were NOT fans of this show and never watched it with us. Mom objected to how the parent characters were portrayed as abusive and boorish. I think Dad didn't get the weird humor in general.) 

Too bad only the first national season is currently on Paramount, and that in its truncated American form. I seem to remember this show hit its stride more towards the mid-late 80's, when oldest teen Christine got a bit more mature and more familiar kids like Alisdair, Amy, and snarky Vanessa joined the cast. 

That said, there's some good episodes here. "Transportation" mainly jokes about the 70's-early 80's energy crisis as the kids try figure out how to get around without using too much gas. Christine goes on "Strike" for better pay while the other kids do jokes about money and allowances. She wishes the producers would remember "Safety First" when she keeps getting doused with water while explaining how to avoid typical household hazards. Christine's buddy, motormouthed Lisa, joins up for "Nutrition." At one point, her constant chatter is actually used as torture in the dungeon! The two girls try to explain how "Cosmetics" enhance one's appeal while dodging constantly splashing liquid and a lot of body odor jokes from the others. 

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